This is truly David VS Goliath

Hopefully our awesome grounds crew will not leave any loose Stones laying around.

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No sling shots allowed.

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I hear ya Clay!

No wrist rockets either.
Or an old fashioned bean flip.

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I feel good about this game, but not assuming it as a win. IMO, of all college sports, baseball has the most parity. Any team can bet any other team on any given day. Such a small margin for error, all it takes is one pitcher melting down and/or a fielding error or two, and you’re down.

These Hogs have been very good this year at overcoming deficits, but there has been an element of luck and a few breaks in some of those comebacks. Just hoping they don’t look past NJIT and get in a situation where they’re digging out of a hole again. Don’t think DVH will let that happen, but would really like to see them jump on it from the start and create some distance, no nailbiter. Eventually you get bit playing from behind.

I would be worried if we’re comparing SAT scores… but still confident.

I’m more worried about the technological tricks these guys might have up their sleeves, than I am of any primitive weapons. I think it’s a given that they will be using micro chips to steal signs.

I don’t figure the baseball players are techies. They went there to play baseball. And, they are making history as such.

I hope not Clay. Maybe it’s because I’m an old number hanging, bulb twisting, scoreboard operator, but I fear technology and the people who wield it.

Baseball’s never been the same since they put lights in & started playing at night. :rofl:

One of the reasons NJIT is here is that the field their league played its tournament did not have lights. How crazy is that?

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