This is tough

I could go without cake.

Not too bad for me. Soda and cake…bye bye.

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RD, why would you post that?! What evil person would pose such a horrible situation.

I’ll paraphrase the old SNL skit, of the 2 huge Chicago bears homers (Daaaaaa bears!), when asked who would win, Bears vs Bulls

“the laws of nature would not allow that to happen, so we can’t choose”


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I’ve had so much pizza in the last six months, I could seriously pass on it for a while. (He says aware that there are frozen personal pizzas in his freezer at this moment).

Hate to say it but diet coke is my coffee.

This isn’t part of canceling Christmas, is it? If so, Lord just take me now. Richard you just got dropped from a lot of Christmas card lists!

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I do a spark first thing in the AM. By the time I get through putting all the milk and sugar in coffee I don’t think it really qualifies as coffee anymore.

I know I am weird, but I don’t like beer, so that is easy. But dang, the rest? I guess cake!

I was a Mt. Dew/Dr. Pepper guy for years but without even really trying I gave up sodas. If I had to give up beer I could cuz I would still have Bourbon!

That’s actually pretty easy for me. I could give up all but pizza.

Same for me, a 44oz DC with crushed ice after my 5-7 miles is my addiction. I could go without pizza and tacos.

I’m with you Matt; I love pizza. Worked at a pizza restaurant during college years, also. Frankly, I loved what I cooked.

I’d give up fries and cake, or any potatoes.

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I could give up soda and beer easily. In fact, that has pretty much already happened.

Soda, pizza and cake are already out the door for me anyway.

And there’s just a little beer now.

However, try to take the nightly chocolate milk away before bed and there’s going to be a fight.

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NOPE! Nope! No!

If I can’t get water or unsweet tea at the drive thru, I’ll get a diet soda. That’s it though. My wife drinks Diet Coke but I don’t unless it’s only option. Might have a rare glass of wine, but no beer in house. There are other spirits for guests.

Soda and fries for me. Few folks prepare good, crisp fries anyway. When I eat the greasy, soggy fries I can feel the need to let out my belt–again.

I’m with Clay on this. Haven’t had soda in years and hardly ever have a beer, but I’d hate to give up my Grey Goose Martini a couple times a week! Extra dry, shaken not stirred…

I don’t eat pizza as much as I did in the past but can’t imagine giving it up totally. Beer would be the other I hope I never have to give up.

Tacos and cake for me. With the condition that, tacos don’t include grilled Mahi-Mahi fish tacos on soft tacos. They are healthy. Surely, there’s no need to give them up. I haven’t had a regular crispy taco in 40 years. I would miss the cake, but I’d be fine so long as I can keep my chocolate iced donuts.