This is the way to kick off your first practice of the year

I hope that is showing up. Since I can’t see tweets posted here, I can’t really tell!!!

If not, here is the link:

If that doesn’t fire you up, u don’t have a pulse.

HDN at his finest.

Channeling your inner Elmo? Unfair and uncalled for. This guy has done nothing but impress me thus far. We will see how much it translates into wins. But he’s already a nice conversion from the recruiting and coaching malpractice we’ve seen over the past 6 years. My gosh Bielema was bad (mostly anyway).

Why do you assume that comparing him to HDN is negative? He was a great motivator…

Well, maybe you’re right. I took it as cynical and sarcastic. Perhaps read it wrong. Apologize if so.

Not to hijack this thread…but was he a great motivator? He was great 1 or 2 games a year to get the team up to beat people we shouldn’t. But there were a lot of games where we should have won and laid an egg. Not a great motivator in my book. He was a rah rah guy and that’s about it.

Yes, HDN was a great motivator

Speaking of which, the Sesame Street reject comes off time out this weekend. We’ll see if he decides to play by the rules. Or decides to play at all.

Ok…so I might have missed it among all of the fantastic recruiting news in the past week and wondered where Mr. Elmo has been. Awfully quiet with all the great news. Did he really get put in timeout by someone like DD or RD? Funny comment if not but just curious nonetheless. Thanks.

I didn’t mean it as a negatve when I compared him to HDN…sounded just like him to me. I liked Nutt. For whatever reason, he imploded here. I thought he’d be very successful here and be here 20+ years. The biggest criticisms I had of him were the seemingly constant job shopping and selling his soul to get Mustain. No player is bigger than the program.

One of the administrators put him in timeout for a week. Due out this weekend.

That admin was me, upon consultation with Marty and Dudley. Reason for the ban was trashing our recruits, which is a long-standing no-no on Clay’s site. I checked the time out list this afternoon and he’s not on it anymore. We’ll see if he decides to behave.

OK, I wasn’t sure who had made the decision. Knew you were involved, but didn’t want to wrongly put the credit/blame on any one person.

CREDIT where it is due.