This is the way to coach! Why not Chad? … 51713.html

Some coaches have IT, some don’t…

criticize our coach, will be man enough to come back on here and apologize when he has our program rolling.

Just sayin’. and if he stinks and we are 2-10 the next 2 years, I’ll be happy to say I was wrong, just like I was after Pelphrey and Bielema.


I like Saban’s way.

Recruit the best players and put them in the best position to win.

It’s just one way, and the kid has done well. Didn’t run our coach down. He just has his peddle to the metal (OD) coach) and moving up gears. I like DD’s answer. From the get go CBB did not have any fire power, IMO. Man you think I’m letting Chad have it? Man I’m good. He just needs his players. Ones that want to win and practice!!

Wrong interpretation sir!! WE good now?

Jan 10, 65 YO. Now I’m sick of BS Football. BTW did you see our rankings in Baseball? That’s the way it’s done. No 1 in some polls. Dave #1 rankings!!! YESSSS!!! . Winning cures a lot of things.