This is the way I’m gonna look at it

Earlier this year I decided it was time to treat myself to a new performance car.
I am a car nut. Probably to my own detriment, I admit.

So, I have this “dream car”, a Mercedes AMG GT4 door coupe. Beautiful, luxurious, powerful. New model, so no used models available. Sticker price…about 180k as I would like it equipped.

So that ain’t happening…

I find a used 2017 AMG C63 (for a lot less). And this thing is a rocket. 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds. Twin turbo V8 that growls like an animal. If I want to get into a race with someone on the freeway (would I actually do that?), I can probably beat 99% of the cars out there. It’s a blast to drive.

So I have learned to enjoy something very good, even though it’s not THE best.
That’s what I am going to try to do with the football coach.

Just hope we don’t hire a Yugo…


I’m more concerned we hire a Pinto, which will burst into flames at the first rear-end collision. Or should I say another Pinto. We just fired one.

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Here’s how I’m gonna look at it………

If we spend $4-5 mm to get an experienced leader who can hire a great staff & bring national attention to our program, then I’m going to continue to buy 6 club seats + Jerry World and drink all the red coolaide I can find.

If we end up with a young up & comer who has great potential, then I will feel like HY & BOT didn’t go all in and do what they should have done. I will not renew my seats and I will relegate myself to being a Hogfan and watch all the games from my home theater down here in Houston. I won’t carry the passion that I’ve had for 57 years. I will be passive and watch, but my interest will drift. I will always have the razorback blood but I won’t have the fire as I will feel that we didn’t give it our all.

My opinion is that only a “splash hire” has the chance to pull us out of the “ditch” that BP put us in, and that nobody else has been able to pull us out of. A young up & comer will need lots of time and patients from the Hog Nation…which it won’t be in today’s I want it now society. If we spend the money, then we can for sure say we went all in and gave it our best shot. If we don’t, then we know we settled for a bet on potential and that the PWTB are telling us to sit back and wait for the future to get better.

I’ll wait, but will be a passive watcher. I will scream and root hard for BB & Baseball (Now my favorite Hog sport). My passion for Razorback Football will wither away until the day we have something to be proud of.

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Well said. And settling for these non ranks won’t help us.

We can do the same as aTm and go all in by committing $7.5 million guaranteed over 10 years for an elite coach. After 2 yrs with Jimbo & despite great recruiting, aTm fans with their deep pockets are still whining over their mediocre results & the mess that they have created for themselves in their desire for an SEC & National championship.

Same is true for ut with Tom Herman in his 3rd year there & no improved results.

They are still whining about Gus at Auburn, even after beating Bama.

That’s to be expected

Who’s current problem would you prefer? A&M’s and TX’s problems of dang, our coach can’t win more than 8 games a year. Or, our current problem? “Please, help me, I’m in the sewer and I can’t get out. Just please come here and win 3 games next year.”

I guess my classic Vette by comparison would mean Butch Davis being hired. So I’ll use another route.

Everyone here talks about opening up the pocketbook for a HC per the belief that it will guarantee us success. Just because we made a bad deadbeat hire 2 yrs ago does not mean we need to break the bank the next time around, again. Point was that strategy is obviously not working elsewhere.

At least this time we have a legit AD to make an informed & smart search. Trust HY will make a good choice.

Fixed it for you

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Thanks! Knew you would come though for all of us.