This is the way football should be

Playing an SEC team every week for 10 weeks. No rent-a-wins, no bs games…a real challenge every week. I have dreamed of a season for football like this, and now I can’t or won’t go because of this Chinese virus. What a shame. Of course, we wouldn’t be having a great schedule like this in a normal year.

This is real football. We will know by year end who are the best, who are the middle of the pack, and who are the worst teams in each division in the league. It looks to me, at this stage like Alabama is clearly the best in the West followed by A+M and then Ole Miss. Auburn, Arkansas, LSU and Mississippi State seem to be jockeying for position for the right to be the middle of the packers and one team is going to be DFL. This should be fun.

I have thought about this recently.

Over the past few seasons, some have clamored for a 9 game conference schedule, instead of 8, with just 3 non-conference games. I have heard/read some healthy debate about it. TBH, wasn’t sure which side of the debate I stood on…but I did not expect for it to change.

Now - as it has in so many other ways - this pandemic has forced disruptive change into college athletics and we are experiencing, for the first time, a 10 game SEC schedule. One wonders if we can fully put the genie back into the bottle after this?

No, I don’t expect to retain the 10 game SEC schedule. But after seeing how much fun this can be (and, of course, we have not seen if we can complete the season yet…but that is related to Covid, not the structure of the schedule itself), I think many more will be for a 9 game schedule sooner than later.

You may be right but a 10 game schedule IMO gives Bama, Florida, Georgia and Auburn an edge because of their historic stockpiling of 4 and 5 star players. There has been and will be lots of injuries and they will have an edge with talent. Saban has asked for this for years.

I’m not convinced Ole Miss is so good. They can score, no doubt, but they haven’t stopped anyone from scoring. Good teams can play defense. If Kentucky makes a PAT in overtime, Ole Miss might be 0-3 right now.

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I hope you are right, Matt. Ole Miss is the team I detest the most.

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I think Saban has supported a nine-game SEC schedule, plus the mandate to play an out-of-conference team from the Power 5.

I’m all for more high-quality games and fewer buy games. I think the SEC would be wise to add conference games and break up the divisions to add more parity to the scheduling.

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Nice phrase.

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If the SEC decided to expand the number of conference games, the schedule should be lengthened to add 1-2 bye weeks to let players recoup.

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Absolutely agree on the bye weeks

They should have done that this year but hindsight is 20/20.

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There needs to be some way of comparing the strength of conferences, though. Without teams playing schools from other leagues, there’s very little to measure. The SEC has shown its superiority because it has dominated non-conference games for several years now. I don’t mind a 9 game conference schedule, but a 10 game conference schedule will be brutal on everyone every year. The SEC champion might have 2 losses more often than not.

We may not field a team this week due to injuries, lol. We need the cupcakes to build depth, unfortunately, that’s not an option this year.

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Matt is not talking about bye weeks, rather “buy” weeks (aka rent-a-wins.)

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I suggested that we needed bye weeks if we played more SEC games. To give teams a chance to heal up. Of course, “buy” games can help as well.

So? An NFL team had a helluva year if it goes 14-2. I would suggest an SEC team would be similarly situated in a 10-game conference schedule.

I was making an observation, not a value judgment. There is nothing inherently wrong with a system where 7-3 or 8-2 makes for a championship. Of course, college teams don’t play a 16 game schedule with a 30-something universe of teams as the NFL does. It’s a 12 game schedule in a 130 universe of teams. Playing 10 SEC games might be a fine way of determining an SEC champion, but with only 2 non-conference games, it will be more difficult to determine the relative strength of conferences and a true national champion.

It’s my personal preference that college football does not become the NFL-lite. I prefer a sport where each game is important in its own right, where rivalries are a big deal, where “undefeated” is in itself a goal, where national championships are gravy, but where finishing in the top 10 or top 25 has some value. Also a sport where going to and winning a bowl have significant value. If I wanted a sport where going 7-5 might get you into a playoff and a shot at the championship, I’d be more of an NFL fan than I am.

I suspect we’re heading to a system where the playoff expands to 8 teams or more. All the emphasis that’s now on making the playoff & winning the tournament will become even more pronounced. The whole season will become something of an “exhibition season” & bowl games will be rendered as meaningless as the NIT. If that happens, I might get used to it & I might like it, but I don’t think so.


Well, in the NFL, the winner of each division gets in the playoffs. If you win your division with a 8-8 record, you are in. If the winner of the SEC is 9-3 they aren’t getting voted into the playoffs. 10-2? Maybe, but not in most years.

I know NEA totally disagrees with me, but that is why I want the major conference champs to automatically get an invite. Yes, some years you will get a team from the Big 12 or whatever that may not be deserving. But that team would have won the conference title in a major conference.

Conferences wouldn’t be worried about beating themselves up (not as much anyway) and be willing to play more conference games and/or more games against major schools. Right now it is not in any conference’s best interest in setting up team to end the year with 2 or 3 loses.

8 team playoff - winner of the 5 majors get in - 3 at large. Probably do one of the at large has to be from the G5. I don’t care one way or the other about that last part.

I don’t like the playoffs at all. I certainly don’t want them to be expanded to 8 teams although I think that’s where we’re headed. If we go to 8 teams, I’d have no problem with the 5 Conf champions getting an automatic bid with 3 at large teams. (With 8 teams you could give the weakest champion the 8th seed.) I would not want an automatic at large slot for any G5 team although there’d probably be some years one might get in by merit.

If it can be done without damaging the other sports, I’d like to see the P5 break away from the NCAA. Maybe allow the AAC in to become the P6 conferences. That’d be 70-something teams & probably all we’d need. The big football schools could play by their own rules & let the others play on their own level.

As we discussed yesterday, somewhere around 40 of the P5 schools would like to break away per Dennis Dodd. Six months ago I thought that was extremely unlikely. Now I don’t. The NCAA keeps piling blunder upon blunder.

My only question about that is if they’d let the Big East and Atlantic 10 in for basketball. Big East is solidly in a hoops P6, more so than the AAC.

I thought there were no political comments allowed. The term “Chinese Virus” is a political statement.

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