This is the season to make a change

With us only needing to sign 14-16 players this class, it’s the perfect time to make a change. Get a new coach hired soon after seasons ends and allow him to hit the ground running. He won’t have the burden of trying to fill out a full class. If we can hold onto most of what we have committed, that will leave the new coach with only a few spots to fill. Even if we lose half the ones currently committed, it wouldn’t hurt as bad as it would on a year where we have a large senior class to replace. Hopefully the new coach can come in and land a couple of difference makers and then fill in any open slots as best as he can. Bielema isn’t going to get it done here so why prolong a change? This is actually a very convenient time to make a change.

You are pretty worried about this, ain’t cha, bro.

It keeps me awake at night. It’s all I think about. Actually, it isn’t that high on my priority list. Just putting my two cents out there. If UA chooses to put a piss poor product on the field, that’s their prerogative. If they choose to continue to produce this crap then I can spend my weekends doing things like fishing, riding my bike, etc. The good fans such as yourself can continue to bask in the crap being served. If a change is not made then you are definitely supporting the right program becuase neither yourself or the UA cares about winning. I have a feeling there are more people
like me than you, we’ll see.

Yeahp, next year would cause us to potentially lose some of the best instate recruits in years. CBB would field another disappointing, badly developed, poorly coached team.