This is the place

where we should be bringing Kopps into the game. But we very likely wouldn’t even be in the game if KK had not started. Will the pen surprise and pitch lights out when their moment comes?

Cannot expect a kid to throw this many pitches against this kind of team.

It seems to me we hit for home runs like Pro teams but in College Bball, you need to play small ball and hit and run time to time or whatever to create pressure. We had a great year

I agree, but dvh obviously did not trust his pen…with good reason. but unfortunately like costeiu the night before he left KK in one pitch too many. This is not good, but I am believing for a 9th inning rally for the win.

We struggle to change approach as game evolves.

Yeah, those 109 HRs hurt us in the first 5-6 innings today. They started a freshman who’ss fastball topped out at 89mph. He kept throwing slow junk and we kept swinging for the fences. If we just swung to contact. We should have scored 5- 6 against him.

Great season, but a tough way to end it.

Kopps is amazing!

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In hindsight, i wonder if our heads got fat after game 1.

I agree, amazing game and year for Kopps.

I am now cheering for all teams not Vandy, Tennessee, Miss State or Texas

Not me, I’m cheering for ole miss! Oh wait, not there. :rofl:

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Well, I will cheer for Tennessee. Graduate work there, long time 45 year resident of Knoxville, love the place, probably never live anywhere else. Kids born, raised (U.T grads) here - who btw are rapid Hog fans after the Vols…just the opposite of their dad. Plus I like their coach - a little less now after the mini-row with DVH, which I think was over media hyped and sadly influenced my initial reactions. Bottom line, I have very little interest in the CWS now, except hope U.T. wins or if not somebody from the SEC.

I’ve lived in Chattanooga since 97 and my oldest graduated from UT. Even though I get tired of the orange everywhere I’ll root for Tony and the Vol team. But won’t lose a minute of sleep over their fate.

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Chattanooga is a beautiful city, especially last 20 years or so…ty Bob Corker.

My first trip here was in 83 when I was hired by McKee Foods (Little Debbie folks). I visited our home office here quite a bit in those early years while living in LR and Benton. The transformation from then till now has been nothing less than amazing. And yes Bob Corker can be given much credit (along with a lot of other folks). It’s home now since both daughters and 7 grands live here.

I hear you…very much love E. Tn. Just wish it was closer to NW Ark.

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I can’t root for Tenn, LD. It would be a gut punch for Tony to win a natty before Dave.

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I get it jeremy. I say now I’ll root for them but when the games start I’m prone to change my mind. I’m not going to get into it too much.

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Honestly, LD, I think I’m done watching college baseball this year. It’s gonna take awhile to get over the pain of last night. Take care, friend.

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I was just thinking the same thing. I’m really not interested now. Next up Hog football. Take care young man. Appreciate you.

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Turn that damn jukebox on!:rofl:


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