This is the official "Congrats for Being Right

about Bielema" thread.

We have had a lot of people tripping over themselves to post old posts showing that they called this debacle.

As someone who was wrong, I just want to say I’m very impressed and glad everyone is sufficiently pleased with themselves.

The "I told you so"ing game is on point for several posters.

It’s very productive.

It sucks, and sometimes is hard to see. But looking back, everyone will realize the writing was on the wall for quite a while.

My doubts severely started on the opening game of last season. They were firm by the end of the season. I was really questioning if Bret was just a product of Wisconsin program. (Without a doubt is)

We better make sure we get the right guy this go around, this fan base deserves more. We don’t deserve I told you so forums, unless it’s I told you so, about winning the SEC.

Here’s to new beginnings and new hope, that is sure to come.

I really dislike having a team I’ve loved since childhood get whipped week after week.

That said, I think it’s imperative we move in a new direction ASAP. No guarantees of course, no matter who is hired, but hope will be restored and unity to the fanbase restored.

I will patient with the new guy - it will be a significant rebuild but the sooner we get started the better.

Coach B is still the coach.
I’m also tired of seeing our hogs get embarrassed on the field.

I loved the BB hire & supported him until this year. The team is poorly coached & motivated. I’d like it to end quickly