This is the kind of DL Bama is bringing in

I was working out with my trainer yesterday and this Giant walks in with another young man who has signed with Ms State(RB),This is the one area we have to get drastically better at,we are not bringing in these type guys and somehow someway we are going to have to get them.

Who else other than Bama, Clemson and maybe UGA or occasionally Auburn or LSU is bringing them in? Sam will do his best and will do a very good job getting good recruits. Maybe a giant or two like this guy will grow up in Arkansas and want to play DL for the Hogs. But Arkansas is not going to widespread recruit at this level like these schools. Get recruits in here and develop them. Build depth. If you have some depth on both lines — which is doable — you have a shot. I am pretty confident Sam knows the deal here. This is an absolute must in the SEC.

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DL is the hardest to recruit because there are many and the elite snap them up but we are going to have to become elite on the DL either by coaching them or getting them in through PortalJuco, HS.

There may not be a ton of them here yet that have played, but there are some here now and some that are coming in 2022 as you will see as things go along.

I just got off the phone with one of them - Cameron Ball (6-5, 310)


Sounds good!

Dudley, overall do you believe that Sam’s past proficiency in recruiting big, talented offensive linemen can carry over to the defensive side the football? I mean, it seems like he knows how to talk to big guys and how to ensure them that he and staff can develop them into real stud players.

While that is left to be seen,I would guess that would be likely. But I certainly believe in Barry Odom’s ability to do it seems there are a lot of his former Missouri DL in the NFL now.


Dudley you feeling good about some DL recruits ??? Nico has to be one …


Any names you care to share?

The ones that Richard and I have written stories about:

DT Deone Walker (6-7, 330), Detroit, Mich., Cass Tech
DE Curlee Thomas (6-4, 240), Fort Worth, Texas, Nolan Catholic
DT Nico Davillier (6-5, 275), Maumelle
DT Tre Emory (6-3, 295), Mount Pleasant, Texas
DE Tomiwa Durojaiye (6-5, 250), Middletown , Deleware
DL Patrick Kutas (6-5, 280), Memphis Christian Brothers
DL Josh White (6-5, 258), Ellenwood, Ga., Cedartown
DL Felix Hixson (6-4, 280), Jackson, Ga.

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don’t forget the tiny NG from Illinois state. or the tiny DL JUCO guy


I thought he was asking about 2022 recruits, not the ones on campus

oh, I took it as “we need to get some hosses like Bama has”. which we do, somehow and some way. I was just pointing out that MAYBE Pittman has already got a couple


Yes We do have to get guys like Bama has for sure ,we have some guys who we think can play at the level we need them too and won’t be long now and we will know if they can or not. We will have to continue bringing in guys like they do every yr if we are going to close the gap on them.

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