This is the gospel; just don't put your hand on the Bible

1.Hogs will win one of next two, two of the next three and at least three of the final four,. 2. BB is safe regardless as long as Long is in charge. 3. There will be a new OC next season. 4. Kelley is gonna be THE quarterback in a short time as in this week.Got to have a QB who plays with a bit of fire and brimstone. Football in the SEC is not a chess game. You don’t have all day to mull over what the Dee is doing. There is gonna be more of a hurry-up as time goes on. Other tweaks and changes coming. Stay tuned.

Interesting take. Hope you’re right, but I’m not that optimistic.

If Kelly plays, especially early in the game, the team will have added intensity–whole team. If this happens, I will watch the Bama game throughout and even the Auburn game (might even attend if there’s that new ray of hope).

Beejay–I will take a couple more sips of your Kool-Aid and maybe watch the beginning of the game. But if it’s AA getting slapped around and we hit that brick wall, I will have learned not to sip from your tap.

I’m still praying for for thunder and lightning to hit Bama and the game be cancelled.
But I do believe your correct about Cole Kelly bringing a different attitude to the field with energy and enthusiam that brings a spark to the team.

Hope springs eternal but CBS sports not so hopeful on Bama holding back on the Hogs. … t-at-home/

While I think you have good info, I find it hard to believe that BB Is safe even with Long in his corner. If we have a losing season, I think there will be a donor push to get rid of him. It could get ugly like it did near Houstons release of the golden cuffs.

I like the way you think and I am now a believer in your prediction.

Long-time supporter wants to add: If Hogs lose next three, winning three of the final four won’t be good enough, but winning the final four might be good enough.

Anything less than 7 wins and Bielema has to go.

Beejay…care to make a wager on those wins? No way in Helsinki is that gonna happen.

If for some crazy reason you are right…about the wins, I mean…are you related to Nostrodomus?