This is some kind of

Ugly basketball.

not in the good way that Nolan oversaw frequently. AP is not a top OVC team, WKU is not that good and yet we struggle with both. Hard to say we play down to them since we chase them a lot.

A team that is outsized completely outrebounds the Hogs. If they keep giving up 15 offensive boards, the SEC will manhandle them.

Right now it’s hard for me to see us winning our first 5 sec games…smh we may not win one until late

Pretty ugly! It’s a win. That’s unacceptable to get out rebounded again. This is another problem that will get you beat.

The good news is Sills and Embery-Simpson played well together off the bench.

I don’t know bout losing the first 5 but good chance we lose the first 4 sadly

Going to the zone helped. Might be what Anderson has to do and give up this full court press stuff. Our defensive rebounding wasn’t good. Long rebounds

I think the hogs can beat the Aggies. They may actually play better on the road. I also think we can beat LSU. There 2 of the first 5 I think we win.
Florida will have Allen have another career performance against the hogs. I’ll be glad when he graduates.

Looking at our first 5 games it looks like they’ll need to win two of the first three to avoid getting themselves in a major hole.

Didn’t see game last night but listened on the radio and thought the game swayed our way once Joe went to the bench with his fourth foul. This leads me to believe that we are continuing a learning process of which players need to be on the floor together. Joe is vital to the success of this season but we were able to gain some momentum once he went out for whatever reason and will be a plus down the road. I see a very tough stretch ahead but care not to make a prediction on wins due to you never know with a young team. We do have the talent but learning and improving on the fly will tell the story. Also you never know how a young team will respond to sucess or adversity! WPS

Little chance to win 2 of our first 3. Florida and LSU will manhandle us on the boards. We might beat A&M but don’t know how we will play on the road.

The not rebounding at the defensive end is a recent phenomenon. The last three opponents have rebounded 35%+ of their misses. Before that only Montana St. of all teams had managed 30%+ in a laugher. It’s not like that problem isn’t easily correctable. Texas only managed 28%, Indiana 21%, and Western Kentucky 19%. It’s not like we can’t rebound with athletic teams. BTW the last three opponents have combined for less than 1.0 points per possession. We aren’t going to shutout teams. Defense isn’t the problem, or at least it hasn’t been to this point.

The defense only looked ordinary because we were puttering along at, or just below, 1.0 ppp ourselves for the first 30 minutes…at home against Austin Peay. A much bigger problem was Sills, Jones, and Harris combining for 2 of 18 from the field. That’s 11% from the field from guys that we need to score and are taking 30% of our attempts. Now all those guys did some very nice work in other areas, but getting the peach in the basket is still the overriding concern for me.

That said, Sills has been shooting well, and Jones is going to score a lot in most games. Likewise, I don’t expect Harris to turn into Macon from the perimeter this season, but 3 of 27 from the arc is almost inconceivable for a player shooting 80% from the line. He should be getting it close enough to the rim for more than three to drop by the law of averages. At some point in the season I would expect him to start making at least his frosh accuracy of 25%.

The ray of sunshine was that Embery-Simpson pointed the way to ultimate victory. He’s a shooting guard that put the ball on the floor and got some easy baskets off the dribble. That got his hackles up, and the treys started falling. We could suddenly string makes together, and the game was over quickly when Gafford got a little help from the perimeter.

Joe scored 15 points and certainly wasn’t the problem. However, 7 of his 9 attempts were treys. He’s too talented to disappear for long stretches if the defense is closing out on him at the arc. He needs to use that against the D. Jones just had a slow shooting night. We obviously need both to put points up against quality opponents.

I would agree that our SEC prospects don’t look great if we can’t score at higher rate than we have been since Colorado St. However, Embery-Simpson showed how quickly fortunes can change for young players, and by extension, young teams. A shot of confidence and adrenalin can do wonders. A lot is going to change in the next two months, hopefully for the good. It’s way too early to count them out.

This is as athletic team we have fielded in awhile. They are young and it rears its ugly head too often. Coach Anderson may be hard pressed to continue his .500+ record. This isn’t the Pelphrey team that was undefeated going into conference play and then won 2 conference games. We have better players than that team. SEC is also improved. New semester, experience, and tinker time over, so now is when we find out if our best players can play good ball consistently at the 25+ minutes per game.

Better win at A/M, this is the worst team they have had in years but beyond that, the first five have a lot of pain written on them.

Embry-Simpson can have a huge impact on winning consistency for this team. With Joe and Jones both hitting their shots, we can beat most teams. Up until this last game, they were the only real “shooters” on the team. When one was off, we struggled to beat decent teams. When both were off, we struggled to beat, and indeed lost to less talented teams. If this was the Embry-Simpson we are going to see in SEC play, we will be a rejuvenated team capable of playing with the top teams in the league.

Joe, Jones, and Keyshawn sharing time at the 2-3 and Harris and Sills sharing time at PG make this a much better team for SEC play. Chaney has already come on lately and if we get Adrio and Gabe back on track, we will look like the team we saw in the first 7 games of the season. Daniel is Daniel and gives us a chance to beat any SEC team on a given night.

Yes, I know, several big ifs, but this Embery Simpson game gives me more hope going into SEC play.

Joe did not have a good second half, but had very good first half with 4 3-pointers.