This is ridiculous

They’re going to have to come up with changes or something no way to expect these kids to play at midnight until 3:30 in the morning and then possibly have to play again at 2:30 the next afternoon it’s just absolutely stupid they need to come up with another field to where we can play too games a day!!

Not fair to fans either!
FINALLY! This game is over!!!

The field is so wet at that time of the evening and morning that there’s no way you can throw the ball properly I mean it’s just absolutely stupid

Great minds must think alike Billy. I was thinking the same thing before I read your post. I lived in Tallahassee in the early 80’s when FSU hosted the Metro conference tournament. They had a second field they used for loser bracket games. These teams playing late are at a real disadvantage and it could have a hangover effect on the regionals.

Yes! I don’t understand why they try to play four games in one day in the time of year were afternoon thunder showers are going to come up all the time. Very much a disadvantage for the late playing team