This is probably stupid but hear me out first, then call it --------------------

---------------------------- the virus is out there in the general population and will not go away even after a vaccine is developed. Most viruses mutate, a lot, this one already has and vaccine’s are usually partially effective and have to be tuned each year to counter mutations.

We know that the young and healthy are the least in danger in our population. So, with the parents permissions and lots of “promises not to sue if this turns out bad”, why don’t they expose the entire team to the virus, quarantine them for two weeks, and THEN start practicing. The coaches, caterers, staff, etc. then take the normal precautions to protect themselves from each other (players are virus free and full of anti-bodies so they are not the danger) and we then play ball in front of reduced and distanced crowds. They can spend the two weeks in zoom meetings with coaches, weight lifting, passing drills, film watching, etc.

So, instead of spending all season being paranoid that one of the players will get exposed and infect the team before it is caught, just eliminate that from the equation. Could something bad happen to some of the players, probably at about the rate that heart murmurs, injuries, accidents, the regular flu, and other illnesses take down players. Not risk free but it could be within normal bounds.

Is this really crazy?

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Yes, it is. What do you say to the family of the one player who might die from the exposure?

This virus has never ever been seen on earth.

You do understand I am sure that one entire tribe of American Indians died when the Spainish went up the Mississippi River and exposed them to measles.

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I haven’t seen many medical/virus experts reporting with a high degree of confidence that this is a “one and done” kind of thing.

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This disease has from the beginning then more of an older person with existing conditions type of a disease.I really don’t think there’s much risk of the players getting it to one another. The deaths have been overblown and even the CDC has finally came out and confirm that. I think you have to proceed as normal and if you come across a person who’s infected you have to quarantine them. I don’t think the risk is near as bad as the media would have you think it is.


Charles Mann’s 1491 and 1493 explains all of that pretty well among a lot of other stuff. So, about 95% of the inhabitants of North and South America died from exposure to European viruses. Since the ones that died had never developed a resistance to these viruses that migrated from animals to humans, due to a lack of domesticated animals like cows, pigs, horses, etc., I am not sure that applies here.

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This virus is real…reporting has been a complete lie. It’s time to get back to normal. People will go back to the old normal and this past weekend proved it. If the Hogs play I will go but not with a mask. My son starts football practice next week. He will be going. He has a camp with 300-400 other teenagers In 4 weeks and he will be attending. We have a vacation planned for June in Florida…we will be going. I have been vocal about this since the beginning and nothing has swayed my opinion so far. The shutdown was wrong and most of the reporting has been a lie. If I see anything that changes my mind then I will reassess but for now it is business as usual for me and my family.


One obvious problem with exposing them is that some probably won’t get it, so they won’t develop those antibodies & immunities that will keep them from catching it after the quarantine ends. If that’s so, they can still infect others. However, that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that while as a group they’re less at risk than most, they’re not risk free. Out of 85 or however many there are, a couple could still become very sick. A lot of people who survive this virus aren’t coming out terribly healthy. We don’t know how long some of the consequences last. I’ve seen several doctors say a significant percentage will have long or even permanent health issues. But young healthy people have died of this, too. It’d be really irresponsible to intentionally expose them to the virus even if they might be somewhat immune from catching it again.


Yes, your idea is really crazy.


The Gov says we’re going to class, and will more than likely have a case/cases, and test, trace, and continue going to class.


Reporting a complete lie? I think the better viewpoint is the virus is such an unknown quantity that what seems true today may not be true tomorrow or in 30 days. And then you mix in opinion vs. traditional reporting (on cable news especially) — interlaced with a few conspiracy theories — and you get where we are today. On the mask wearing, I think it’s a minimal inconvenience and do it not to protect me, but to protect others from me. I think that’s part of being a good citizen.


I would like to believe they were not lies but the past 3.5 years have led me to believe otherwise.


The picture just got a little clearer. OK.

This is great news. So many folks are hurting because of shutting down the schools.

youdaman you have selected again with a political site for medical purposes. It is 100% agreed that the death rate is undereported. Go to the CDC to quote the CDC not a right middle wing biased political website. You spew dangerous medical advice that rivals Trump treat with chloroqune and Lysol. I will put the real and recognized CDC numbers link:

The morbidity and mortality report is very informative:

Hope is high because treatment and vaccine development is imminent especially in Hong Kong, Israel, England and the United States. There is a commercial drive worth lots of money. Solutions are near. Please quit putting BS on the board, it offens those of us on the frontline and I guarantee Vanderbilt is contributing big time to solution. How you blend what you want to find to support your view despite the facts reminds me to teach our residents to read discriminately.

Death rates are variable across states, infection is higher than it seems to me in my n of 1 observations at Vanderbilt.

I had a friend who belongs in Hall of Fame and is still vital, vigourous and young to me who wished he had died when he could not breathe and got intubated for his ICU stay. Now alive and well and I would love to have his antibodies.

Unfortunately best models (guesses to you) now predict another winter outbreak and the world is getting to be a hold and harbor infectious mass in places like Brazil ( no soap much less mask) and Suth Africa. The virus population is growing.

This beech of a virus is truly NOVEL in the worst way. I am pretty good geneticist and am more than reasonably certain it is a bat origin and not a lab originated disease that is mutating like crazy.

Plenty of human tests that are promising for prevention and treatment in the near future. Absolutely some young folks get hit the hardest because their immune system is so strong it puts the host into severe physiologic compromise (ARDS) because their response is so strong.

I know it is a board of opinions (yea) but don’t pass opinion as fact.

It is boring to read scientifically, but essential for understanding. The CDC is not over reporting Covid-SARS deaths but just trying to get it right and investigate the variables.


Ray, I agree that we’re seriously underreported. But I also notice that the CDC death count is well behind what our colleagues at Johns Hopkins are putting out. What is JHU getting that CDC isn’t? I’m genuinely curious. I do see that CDC is indicating a lag of 1-8 weeks from processing death certificates which could explain the gap.

I understand that is the source of the discrepancy. I don’t think the CDC disputes Johns Hopkins figures.

Also agree with razabackerii that deaths are underreported His was an informative post.

I know there was something done at USC that suggested the number of infections could be much higher than reported & thus a death rate being a small fraction of what is reported. I’m hardly a scientist & no better when it comes to understanding statistics. However, it’s hard for me to reconcile something like 10-20x infection rate than has been reported with the rates we’re seeing in small clusters of people. (5 workers at the Tyson plant in Waterloo, IA have now died. It’s unlikely that many people would have died if the death rate is only something like 0.05%. Three of 38 infected in that church congregation in Greers Ferry died. Even if all 3 had underlying problems, I can’t believe these two examples are that aberrational.) Also hard to reconcile such a high infection rate in California so few hospitalization & deaths with the huge numbers of hospitalizations & deaths we saw in NY.

Now I understand Montgomery, AL has run out of ICU beds.

I’m optimistic about a vaccine & maybe successful treatment coming relatively soon, but I don’t buy the idea that this virus’s effects have been badly exaggerated. At best, we still don’t know a lot about it. Some of the reaction might have been overreaction, but the way to fix that is by slowly trying to get back to normal. It’s not by suddenly having big parties & gatherings.

LOL just so you know I’m not spewing anything!! I didn’t make the report! and I can assure you I am the least most political person on this board!! so I can promise you I didn’t look to try to find nothing to support my view that I don’t even have!!!All I’ve done the whole time is share information from supposedly credible sources but you don’t know if they’re true or not but they try to shine a little positivity( Damn them for trying to do that)instead of all the bull crap negative you hear all the time… any way you want to spin it! This disease has less than a 5% death rate no matter where you look!!you got about 80 to 90% chance of not even testing positive!!those who do test positive 80 to 90% wont even go to the hospital! Yet in the meantime suicides at an all-time high, domestic abuse calls are off the charts, chemical abuses our way up, many people have lost everything they work for their entire life! I promise you you can’t call any of that BS! The cure is far worse than the disease!
So go ahead and try to continue to whine and mope and have people live in fear while the country that we so loved goes down the tubes!all for a disease that like I said has less than a 5% death rate no matter where you want to look! don’t you ever call stuff that I get from supposedly credible sources BS, I’ve tried to remain positive is people like you there are reason we are we are now!So put that in your pipe and smoke it!



It’s far less than 5% Bob is my point!!the CDC that I thought was correct had it below 1% is probably more 2,3 % but the point I was making if it were even 5% 95% are going to survive!