This Is Plain Bad Football

I don’t usually post during games but this is pitiful. My points of contention:

  1. Both lines of scrimmage are being dominated by SJS tonight. No online push and same can be said for DLine. I know we have a some injured OL, but why can’t we hit the mid short routes over the middle.
  2. Tonight we’ve been out coached. This SJS team was well prepared for everything we do on O and D. That is coaching.
  3. I see few “in game” adjustments.
  4. We are at least 2-3 years away from fielding a decent SEC team if we sign classes like this past one. I watched real SEC teams play today…LSU, Bama, Auburn and Georgia. A&M will score at will on us next week. We need our lineman to mature in order to compete in the SEC and add more overall team speed.
  5. No pass rush tonight. No pressure on their SR QB, who has hammered us with quick throws.
  6. Starkel obviously with a bad night, but he’s been hammered in the pocket tonight. Pressure in his face makes his footwork and mechanics slip.

Not bad football, no football. A good high school team could beat this bunch of Hogs.

Don’t make excuses for Starkle. He played like crap. We lost because he slung the ball trying to force plays. That is Cockiness … and that got us beat.

We got beat because SJS dominated both lines of scrimmage.

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I basically quit commenting after about 2015 or 2016 when we could only recruit one player from Texas and bielema’s refusal to recruit QB’s (maybe it was two from Texas). This team does not have any quality offensive or defensive line players. There are other issues as have I’m sure have been well documented by others. I will state for the record that I have never coached football. I am just a lifetime observer, but we need to get better football players (light bulb moment). In the off season the HC should re-evaluate his staff, as well. Oh yeah, I may have posted this twice. I will have to get better, like our FB team.