This is one of the most pathetic games

I’ve ever seen. I’m really disappointed in everyone involved. Embarrassing for all. And, I know they care, but none of them look like it.

Joe is going to be very good but right now, but there are way too many stretches when he’s No Show Joe.

It’s almost impossible for the FT shooting or any of it, really, to be this bad.

This is just gross. Horrible.

Worst collection of shooters I’ve ever seen us have… better start getting some people who can shoot. Can’t even make a shot from 15 feet with nobody guarding you ridiculous

I was searching for the word to describe this and PIG has a perfect one…

Joe will eventually be one of the best shooters we have had. He just has to stop having super long stretches of invisibility.

Jones is a shooter and frankly the toughest (mentally) we have.

Phillips was supposed to be a good shooter but he got hurt and was behind and didn’t play and quit.

Embery Simpson was supposed to be a shooter and has shown flashes but has lost confidence and can’t throw it in the ocean. His shot looks good. It just rarely goes in.

This team’s bigger problems, by far, have been tons of unforced turnovers and just completely ridiculous FT shooting. Even Joe is just average and that’s insane.

You look at the stats and as bad as this game was. We lost this game on ONE thing, turnovers. We were even or better than Florida in every other category but turnovers. That killed us.

I disagree. They controlled the game and we stunk up our home floor. Adrio showed on that rebound late why we lost. Just an example.
Plain and simple they had the ball going inside to Gafford and started jacking up bad shot from 3. Florida was in foul trouble and we can’t drive the ball. Ugly.

In defense of Joe, we do very little to pop him open; no screens or set plays to free him. However, he stands a lot. Will have to learn how to move without the ball

The true point is on campus…wait till next year.

Oh turnovers were massive. And the bulk of them were unforced. I think we had 4 walks when we just took off without dribbling. Jones has several. He stepped out of bounds in the offense another time with moderate pressure.

Gabe hooked a guy when he already had him beat. Joe fell down and gave them a layup. Chaney missed an easy pass on press break with no one near him.

Harris threw the ball to Fla on a pick and roll with no Hog within 15 feet. Gabe threw a lob entry pass nowhere near Gafford, who was double teamed, front and back.

It was ridiculous. And with 30 seconds left they had the ball down 2 and got the ball to Jones, who was going off, in the paint and turning the corner. I have no idea why Bailey threw that putback up behind the basket.

They just play really dumb. Ultimately that’s on MA. But, it’s frustrating when a lot of it is just really simple stuff they should’nt do just by virtue of playing basketball all their lives.

Maybe the saddest thing about this game was that Florida played their worst game in the Mike White era and still beat us at BWA. There’s probably not another team in the SEC that Florida would have beat tonight playing the way they did. Just think, Allen was 1-9 from 3 point range still scored 18 because we were dumb enough to just keep fouling him.

I said by the stats.

We did drive consistently, but didn’t get the calls in some cases. It is what it is.


And you are not a man who embarasses easily. This was worse than 50 malfunctioning scoreboards.

I abhor the overuse of “embarrassing” as it relates to sports but this was embarrassing. I think the embarrassing thing is I saw it coming.