This is on Muss

Today’s loss is just inexcusable. Arkansas has the better talent by far. But Vandy wanted it more. They had the fundamental down. Passing, shooting, blocking out, rebounding, you name it. Have already seen another post with the “Fire Muss” characters all but calling for his head. This is not about firing Muss. But Muss needs to own this season. I know losing Trevon and Nick really hurt. But being this bad on offense and looking lost on defense is inexcusable. Muss needs to tell his team to stop running their mouths and strutting on the court. Right now they have nothing to strut about. I’ve always wanted Black to come back, but after observing his antics on the court and poor play, perhaps we will be better off with him entering the draft. Playing against real men may well straighten out his lousy attitude. Muss has questions to answer when the season is over. As well as a lot of work to do. He needs to find shooter who can put the ball in the basket. Stop wandering how many stars a recruit has. And get some guys with some physicality. Look. I believe in Coach Muss. I like that he has brought Arkansas Basketball back to wear it should be. And to all those hoping to see Muss get fired, not gonna happen. So just get used to him being on the sidelines for years to come.

Vandy had a lot of good shooters, while we have none.


Vandy is a barely .500 team

Too true. Muss needs to get out there and find some after the season.

These people don’t exist


Oh they do. But because of Muss’s success, they keep their opinions mostly to themselves. But if Muss was say just an average Coach having average season’s you would hear their voices loud and clear.

That’s a completely irrelevant hypothetical. If muss was someone else who was a bad coach then people wouldn’t like him so that means they don’t like him now and never wanted him in the first place. Ok…

Look our team gave up 63 points in one half against a not good vandy team and we have struggled to score points all year. There’s not a single hog fan that’s thrilled with our team and hopes muss doesn’t change a thing.


No one wants Muss fired.


That in itself is impossible. Of course, some fans qant Muss gone. They are not a fan of him or his style.

Ok, no statistically relevant amount of persons want him fired. Only the worst knuckle draggers/crayon eaters. And we do have a few of those….


Fire Musselman! Where’s my raw sienna crayon and someone get me some bandaids for my knuckles doggone it.


Isn’t it burnt sienna? LOL.


The two players we lost are not replaceable at this moment in time with same talent level. Roles have to be redefined. Not easily done. It is what it is.


Losing to bad Vandy team like this in a must win for us is not inconsequential. Muss looked like he’s given up in press conference. Is something else going on I wonder?

What do you think is something else? He said he’s never lost four games in a row by double digits except maybe in the nba. I think that’s what’s going on. Is he giving up about it? I don’t think so. He’s never one to point the finger at himself to take the blame but I don’t think that means he has given up. I hope his team sees it that way

you’re wrong, as usual

Just a reminder, the DOOMSAYER posters appeared last year AND the year before w losing streaks in progress, was early too. Jus’ sayin. :sunglasses:


One can’t be dissapointed in a blowout loss to Vandy on this board? I think Muss is among best coaches in America. I hope there is nothing else going on than tough roster at moment.

If above is in response to my post, should be obvious I’m not talking about “Dissapointed”.

Not just this thread either, see comments to put it mildly, that are not supportive.

Well… yeah
I would join in that chorus