This is like 2015 and 2016....

We score 40+ points and give up 50 and over 500 yards. How many times has this happened where the offense does the job and the defense just can 't stop the other team? No decent college team is going to win consistently if you can’t play defense and have poor special teams play. The offense struggled at times, but did put up 43 points …enough to win.

Bend but don’t break is broken and the special teams coverage is embarrassing as it has been during the Bielema era. Two of the three facets of a football team have been brutally bad now in 2015, 2016 and now 2017. This is no revelation, I know,but how do we fix it?

Please don’t ever kick to Christian Kirk…why? Why? We just can’t cover kickoffs…does no coach see that?