This is just wrong

For Father’s Day, there was a present that my daughter decided not to give me. She ordered on-line a new Yeti insulated cup (larger than the one I already had). She was surprised when a color not silver was available. They have a new “clay” color. She thought that was a cute idea, for me.

Yikes, it’s burnt orange. I’m serious, burnt orange. When it arrived, she decided against giving it to me. She gave it to her husband, who immediately covered every bit of color with fly fishing stickers. He grew up in Tennessee following Vols and Rebels. But he has quickly come to learn that we do not like the burnt orange color in our home. I’m glad Becca gave it to him and not me, because I would have tossed it in the river.


There are just some things a good Arkie will not abide & anything with burnt orange on it is just one of those things. Glad she’s got her standards. You raised her right.


Should have put a upside down longhorn sticker on it. That would have been cool.


My wife took me to Bass Pro shopping for some clothes Saturday (for Fathers Day). I was looking for some polo type shirts that I didn’t already have. She pointed at one and said “you don’t have one in that color.” It was burnt orange. I said, “no I don’t, and I won’t either.” She looked at it closer and started laughing and said, “no, we won’t be buying that.”

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Yes, need an upside down horn sticker on that cup. They make em that way, right?

Amazon Conspiracy Clay.


My three favorite teams are The Arkansas Razorbacks, the Colorado Buffalos & whoever is playing Texas! WPS!!!

Yeah, they made upside down.


My children were reared not to like the EOE-A and all things burnt orange. Burnt orange was never allowed in the house. And then they attended their local high school…Halloween school colors of black and…gasp…orange. They were both school athletes with my daughter being a three-time state track champion. Wearing orange. And yes…In support of my children, for the first and only time in my life, I wore orange during their high school competitions.


Guy, you are a good father. You did what any of us would do.


We’ve lived in Chattanooga since 98. I wear Hog gear the majority of the time. When a Vol fan makes a comment I tell them they owe us a “thank you”. They then (with a puzzled look) ask why. I tell them our fumble with less than two minutes left (in 98) gave them a path to the eventual National Championship. That lights them up. But for the most part EOE-K folks are good humble folk. Unlike my experiences with many EOE-A folk. Never wear anything with orange in it. EVER

While growing up in Texas, frequently had a bumper sticker that stated: “No Fruit Sucks Like The Big Orange of Texas”. Parents offered to help with my college as long as it was not ut orange.

ut arrogance & entitlement here is ongoing, but their clout is not what it once was. Not surprising that NE, CO, & aTm departed the Big12 in part due to ut & why many expect that conference to disband after 2025.

I do wear orange, but it is dog related, that is, blaze orange for hunt tests, etc. However, I draw the line at the burnt shade. Not gonna do that.

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For years I didn’t wear anything of any shade of orange. My son made fun of me for that. But when I ran the Boston Marathon for the second time in 2014 the official race color that year was “Zest”. Zest would be a very familiar color in Knoxville, Tennessee, put it that way. But since it’s labeled Zest and not orange, I could wear the race gear that year.

I don’t have the aversion to orange that I have to burnt orange. It’s not that l like U-Tenn or UF much better than I do Texass, but orange is more just a color to me. Burnt orange is too specifically related to a particular thing & place. I will not wear it. I taught my children to feel the same way.

My daughter was a counselor at Camp Kanakuk a few years ago & they were to trade school shirts with other counselors. I don’t recall the details of the story, but my daughter said she simply would not wear one from that school. She said she’d wear one from anywhere else for collegiality, but she had standards she simply would not break & that included wearing burnt orange with a longhorn or Texas logo

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The time I was miffed about the Longhorn logo was when I was walking around the concession area (food, drink, hat sales, saddle sales, etc.) behind the grand stand at the Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, I was stunned by all of the Longhorn baseball caps.

Finally, I asked a couple of guys if they were Longhorn fans. No, they said. They just liked the steer logo. They were steer wrestlers. So I began to ask a few more. None of them had any idea they were Texas logo merchandise. They were not fans of UT.

I guess a cowboy doesn’t care that a hat is from a school. He’s just riding or roping steers. No big deal. I gave those boys the benefit of the doubt. Jeremiah Gage was with me – wearing a Razorback logo ball cap – and seemed to take more offense to those boys than I did. He told them they should get rid of those caps.

I saw one in Israel of all places. (Of course, I’m likely to wear a Razorback cap or t-shirt when I’m on vacation.) I asked the guy wearing it if he wasn’t afraid of that cap causing brain damage. He looked at me kinda puzzled and asked why. I told him I’d seen it on too many brain-damaged people for it to be a coincidence. He was not amused. I did not care.

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I once did a bit of steer wrestling but you’ll never see me with a longhorn logo. Well maybe an upside down one.



I’m sorry if I sound stupid, but what does EOE mean?