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I’m working in our clinic’s location in Greenville, NC, today. And I just discovered the physical therapist in Greenville is a graduate of… Vermont. He said "you may not be talking to me for the rest of the day. " I said, "Nah, that would be tomorrow. "

Well one of you will be happy and the other one should just man up and tell the other one good game and let it go.

I actually won’t be at work tomorrow but I’ll see him Monday. I’m sure the loser will man up and the winner will gloat just a little.

If-God forbid-we lose, I will need a strong sedative. Here’s hoping you will be all smiles come Monday.


We are not losing this game.

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And this may be interesting. Due to North Carolina’s controversial bathroom law, the NCAA moved its NCAA Tournament games several years ago from Greensboro, NC, which is just an hour away from me in Chapel Hill, to Greenville, SC. Still, Arkansas was in it. And UNC. And Dook. Went down for the Arkansas victory over Seton Hall, and stayed to see UNC’s win afterwards. Could not stay for the night games, won by Duke and South Carolina. In Sunday’s games, UNC, which won the National Championship that year, was lucky to beat us (a controversial call from the refs near the end was part of that luck). And due to the move from
Greensboro to Greenville, Duke wound up changing from playing a virtual home game in Greensboro to playing the Gamecocks practically on their home court in Greenville. And Duke lost, in
a big upset. Every cloud has a silver lining.

I remember that. The NCAA is back in Greenville SC this year. Auburn got sent there. So did Dook. Again. But UNC is in Fort Worth.

I know that Auburn and Dook are there. Used to be Greenville was pretty much nothing except the home of Furman University. Now it’s a big deal. I don’t think they ever hosted a regional until the NCAA was desperately searching for a replacement for Greensboro, which has hosted regionals many, many times.

By the way, Greenville is also home now to my nephew and his fiancé. He is the son of my Razorback Club brother. But the nephew has so little interest in sports that he probably doesn’t even know that the Tournament is going on. What went wrong?

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