This is insane

Luke and Dylan Hasz and Bixby are averaging 67.6 points and giving up 7.5 a game this season. I can’t recall this type of domination. They play Jenks Thursday so I assume this will be their biggest test.

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That is Total domination. Obviously a great team but obviously you’re playing absolutely nobody LOL they will not beat jenks that bad I’m pretty sure if they are good like they normally are

They are playing in 6A1 OK football. Absolutely rolling everyone. They really are that good.

They remind me a bit of … Manvel?..from a few years ago. Not a boatload of ESPN300 recruits but a machine, reloading year after year.

I was told when Loren Montgomery left Jenks (as an asst) to take over at Bixby a condition of employment was hosting a youth coaching seminar every summer. They ask that all coaches install Bixby terminology and plays (slowly at first, obviously). It has helped the team transition to HS competition. They routinely have elite youth teams, so it pays off at that level also.

yeah if that is 6A then that is even more impressive!
What kind of offense do they run? you would think up tempo spread but doesn’t really have to be because there was a team in MS (South Panola) that won like 89 in a row and since I was in Ga,never got to see them play but luckily was able to see them on TV one time and all they did was get behind about 300 LB OL and had no split on the line and just tital waved you with those guys and big RB,they ave. about 50+ a game so that’s why I ask what does Bixby run??

The Pressley brothers (WRs) at OSU went to Bixby.

I would describe Bixby as the typical 3 WR, 1 RB, 1 TE, shotgun QB RPO team. They spread you out and wait for you to creep guys out of the box to contain wide and then, when the box is empty, run it right at you behind good but not great OL (they send somebody to OU or OSU or TU about every year, but I don’t know that they are Top100 OL). Hasz is more of a slot WR than a TE in their offense. They exploit the weak link in the DBs, and having a guy like Hasz running down the seam against a CB is cruel - he outruns them or runs over them.

I know those offenses you talk about. There are quite a few “perennial powers” in smaller classifications, largely from the huge farming districts out west (where farm land keeps the district boundaries a signnificant distance apart), that line up 7 OL shoulder to shoulder and plow with a slightly faster version carrying the ball behind them. They are all 5-8 x 205 and built like dorm fridges. It is brutal to watch, especially if you aren’t rooting for them.

Clinton shut down a very good Pawhuska team a couple of years ago by controlling the ball the entire game. Pawhuska (this was a 2A semifinals game) featured The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond’s) son at QB (he is at North Texas) and a couple of Wrs who are at G5 schools. The Drummond’s adopted a kid out of a homeless shelter from OKC - 6-5 x 320 - who is at Univ of Central Oklahoma as a DT. Anyway, Pawhuska was a power-spread team with a QB who hit 75% of his passes and racked up major yardage every game. Clinton ran the clock down every play, went for it on 4th down, and Pawhuska had 7 possessions all game, and lost 21-20. Watched online and it was excruciating. Pawhuska’s defense was toast, and Clinton scored all their points in the second half on their only 3 drives of the half. Schools that small cannot platoon. Clinton did because it kept its skilled guys fresh for defense (they didn’t need speed on offense, only a guy to tote the ball securely).

HC at Clinton took over from his dad who took over from HIS dad. Three coaches, same last name, since WW2. If I have the details correct. Crazy stuff, and always good.

Every state has teams like that. Storybook teams. Go to the town at 6:30 on a Fall Friday and it is a ghost town, especially if the game is an away game. Tons of grads wearing their old letter jackets in the stands, too, which is a touch sad to me.

Here is Bixby vs Owasso from week one.

My son goes to Owasso (disclaimer). Cole Adams (Bama commit) caught three balls (two on this highlight reel) before Dylan Hasz’ tackle jacked up his shoulder (surgery, out for the year). Lead RB (had a Houston offer that was pulled due to injury) out for the year with a torn ACL suffered in summer camp. So, down a lot on offense. Tyler Rich (#8) is as 6-2x300 DT who might be a good recruit for Tulsa, or similar school. Jake Adams, Cole’s twin, is out for the year after an injury in week 3. TCU’s Defensive Coordinator is Jake GIllespie. He was at TU last year and his son was starting safety for Owasso as a sophomore, but is now at Aledo, TX. Summary: tons of pups who are just now starting to play well, but Owasso is a #6-8 team, not a top 2-4 team.

You see power running, a big QB arm, quickness, and a staple of receivers. Disciplined OL with above average size. Hasz brothers only players on the team with D1 offers (at least as a senior). Pretty impressive (bad camera angle but at least you get highlights vs having to sort through an entire game).

Youdaman, what do you think?

They look good and I can see why they’re successful they have a little bit of everything to present problems for their opponents…

Who do you think will be their biggest hurdle in winning the state championship??

Our family if huge Jenks fans with three grads…best history in football in the states history. So I will be cheering for Jenks. But, Bixby will smoke them this Friday night just like they have done every other Friday night. They are the real deal and can play with just about anybody around. They have an amazingly innovative coach, great support and resources, and now the tradition of winning big. Recruits will be coming from this school just like Jenks, Union, Owasso and Broken Arrow, all of which have produced Razorbacks


Youda, Tulsa Union is the only school that has a shot that Bixby hasn’t already played. Union has a better defense than the rest, but it may be required to out-score them.

Tulsa area suburban schools used to play a series with Mansfield, TX, teams. Surprisingly, the Oklahoma teams fared quite well. That might provide an independent comparison?

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a mini-tournament with Bixby, Denton (TX) Guyer, Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) or one of the big CA HS programs, and one of the top FL, GA, or AL high schools?

Any team winning by that type of score in the Tulsa area is noteworthy. I’ve always thought highly of Tulsa high school football.

Yes you were reading my mind brother… it would be awesome to see how some of the best in each state matched up.

I think that would be a blast to see how they matched up I know Georgia and Alabama’s best have played each other a few times in the regular season

Bixby plays in the top class now and is still dominating. I think they have the nations longest winning streak at 58 games. They are very good. Jenks would normally give them a good game and actually did last year in their regular season game (23-15 Jenks loss). And many at Jenks thought Jenks would have won a rematch later in the year but Bixby was still in the lower class last year so no playoff rematch. But this year Jenks has had many, many injuries. As many as 11 starters out at one time. Jenks also had their starting QB from last year transfer to Union. So Jenks is not the usual Jenks team this year.

Phil33, you might be able to fill in non-Oklahoma posters (and me, as you seem to know Jenks beter): Jenks lost their QB to Union the day after a big-time FROSH QB announced he was transferring in from CA to Jenks. Then, right before school started, the FROSH transfer moved back to CA.

Owasso lost a 2-year starter to … Bixby. Havens is solid but not spectacular (not a D1 QB, in other words, but still quite good). Owasso’s starting QB and strongside LB…transferred in before their JR year from Skiatook (small 4A that has NEVER had a D1 player in any sport that I recall).

The Pressley’s left Tulsa BTW to move to Bixby, but their kids were in middle school. Seeing the youth football dedication from the HS staff was a big factor. It seems like there is another Bixby kid who is from BTW but I don’t recall the name.

It is not just Central Arkansas, in other words - transfers are happening everywhere.

I’m not as ‘inside’ with the Jenks football program as I was a few years ago. I was friends with Alan Trimble and since I was a Jenks graduate plus all my 3 girls were Jenks Lifers I knew tons of teachers, coaches and administrators. I even spent a very short time as a Jenks Board of Education member (probably the shortest tenure member ever but that’s a different story). But most of my connections are retired now! I believe the Jenks QB that transferred to Union left before the potential new transfer announced he was coming. The short version of the QB to Union was the dad was not happy with his son not playing more in blowouts. I know no facts but sure sounds like a very overpowering parent. And as you said the transferring in HS here in Oklahoma is way out of control. Pretty much like the college transfer portal. Jenks is not the power this year that they normally are. But if they have enough injured players back it could be closer than most people think. But I have no current info on injuries.

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Sorry to hijack the thread…but if you are still reading, this is crazy: Circumstances result in QB Jackson Presley’s move from Jenks back to Los Angeles

Jenks’ had a FR (Shermar Reiseg) go 11-0 as a starter in their 2021 campaign. One day after spring drills last May he is playing for Union in a team camp. Then, freshman-to-be Jackson Presley transfers in from CA, already holdign scholarship offers from A&M, Florida State, and Arizona. His dad, a former Jenks player, runs a film production company hoping to land a state production grant and film in-state. That fell through and he went back to CA (coached by Casey Claussen).

I remember reading that article last Summer. Another blow to the Jenks team this year. But it’s interesting that the Freshman starter from last year transfers to Union and days later a prospect that’s probably even better moves in. Then weeks later we ‘lose’ the second QB.
One other thing. The kid that started at Jenks last year as a freshman and transferred to Union last Spring had just moved to the Jenks school district the Summer before his freshman year. And he moved from the Northeast US somewhere if I remember right. So he’s now a Sophomore at Union and has played at 3 schools in the last 3 years. In my mind that’s another sign the dad may be a little much.

Bill Blankenship is the Owasso HC. Former HC at Tulsa Union, Univ. of Tulsa, and Fayetteville HS. Also, spent a year at Memphis as an offensive analyst (something like that). When he was hired, he attracted the attention of a JR-to-be QB, WIll Kuehne. Keuhne’s dad was an oil exec in the Dallas area. The family “shopped” the best situations and chose Owasso. Mom moved to Owasso with the son. Dad flew in for ball games. All in the category of, “as it was explained to me by a football dad.” Rumor has it Dad also bought the entire program chrome helmets and matching uniforms. I thought that was a bit much.

Austin Havens (now at Bixby) transferred into Owasso from…North Carolina. I have no idea if families have that much flexibility in moving around, but I found that odd as well.

Jenks and Bixby game is at 7:00 and on ESPN2 tonight

Great game so far. And way to early to say anything other than that.

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Yeah Looks like Jenks trying to make a statement.