This is insane

Yeah, that was “other worldly”. Instead of being a really old alligator, he looked like a small dinosaur. One newscaster said he looked like he had just eaten a Volkswagen.

I wonder if this is the same alligator that was seen on the golf course in Forida?

That thing is enough to give anyone nightmares.

Looks like he ate both Spurrier and Tebow. Wow! Chomp-chomp!!

Call me a skeptic, but that walk just does not look natural for a gator of that size. I think buzzfeed is at it again.

Interesting that the photographers seemed to know just when the gator was crossing the road. How’d they know? Perhaps you are right.

Yes, they, as well as whoever is recording them, sure did a good job of bracketing that parade.

I am no biologist but it seems that his length is awfully short for a girth depicted as that big.

ABC news isn’t a fly-by-night organization. Surely they vetted the video. I’m not as skeptical as some about those people taking pictures. It’d be easy enough once someone knew it was there to be waiting for it to cross the trail, especially if someone else knew how to prod it across. For now, I accept it as the real thing. Regardless, I won’t rule out the possibility of it being faked or doctored to make the gator look larger than it is.

Hogs could use the Gator on defense! :lol:

You have much more faith in ABC news than I, but I did not say that it is not true, just that it looks a little funny to me (walks more like a komodo dragon than an alligator). In one article, it is said that the thing is 12’ long. Wonder if the measurement was with its shoes on or off.

:lol: On of course, you play with your shoes ON!

Yes, but he looks barefoot to me. Maybe he has a new pair of Italian alligator skin shoes.

Sorry, just could not resist it. :oops: