This is important

See where the Oregon strength coach has been suspended after three players had to be hospitalized from too strenuous workouts. Should be fired and the head coach put on probation. I really have no use for these Crown Princes of Sweat. Some of coaches think they are greatest gift to mankind. The sweat kings and screamers were two kinds I could not tolerate.

Any idiot can run people until they drop (or in this case, doing up-downs until they developed rhabdomyolysis). You need someone who knows the difference between pushing and pushing too far.

I will never forget a coach I had in Jr. High. He would punish us for losing. We weren’t very good, but frankly, we didn’t have much talent. We weren’t losing because of lack of effort. He would scream at us in practice after a loss, run us and run us after a loss. He even did this stupid drill after about our 4th loss where he put the entire team other than the starters on defense (small school, but that was about 30 players or so on defense) and would make us run a “play” and get angry when we couldn’t run it successfully. Being in Jr. High our games were on Thursdays. Normally, we practiced Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, played Thursday and had a light run through on Fridays (we were expected to attend the Sr. High game Friday nights), but if we lost he would run us and run us Friday, barely giving us time to get changed to go to the high school game. After about our 3rd loss he called a Saturday morning practice (not to practice to get better, but just to run us to punish us). He almost made me quit the sport. I didn’t and he was replaced the next year thank goodness.

Although it’s rare, this isn’t unique to Oregon or football. There was an article in the Oregon newspaper a few days ago that mentioned eight volleyball players at Texas were hospitalized last August and 13 players at Iowa were hospitalized after a winter conditioning program in 2011.

There should be medical staff on hand at any type of work out, practice or game. If an idiot goes overboard fire them! The real mistake here is by the school for not sending the coach packing. He’s lucky a parent has not kicked his rear end for the abuse!

We’ve learned a lot about safety over the past 30 or so years, but there are always a few “macho” coaches who ignore these things. Glad they got rid of the guy.

One would think that a nationally recognized institution like Oregon would have a staff of trainers medically trained in physical stress and hydration importance.
Also an area that the strength and conditioning coach should be well versed in at that level.
I’m not a Dr or Trainer, just an old washed up athlete but I know this much,
Every human has a limit that their physical being can tolerate and the limits can be different for each individual obviously. When you have exceeded that limit in multiple conditioned humans at the same time and caused severe physical harm to those, it means someone (Coach) has gone rogue and they should be punished legally IMHO.