This is how you make a commitment announcement

I could watch this all day. “The only disability is a bad attitude.”

Very cool

There you go. Lots of good young people in this world. Let’s never forget that. My bitching and moaning about Razorback football is petty, especially in comparison to moments in college athletics like this.

Super duper cool. Hope this young man has a great career at Syracuse.

Got to love that. Hope he has a great time with The Orange.

That’s great!

That’s awesome, gave me chills! Well done sir!

That will bring tears to your eyes. Great kids.

Great stuff man…great stuff!!! Classy all the way!

That was very cool. The best commitment announcement I’ve ever seen!

That young man showed compassion for his friend and made him a part of his big day! That made my day. I let my younger kids watch this and they loved it. Really special young man ( both young men).
Thanks for sharing this. We can all learn a good lesson from them.

Yes, it’s too bad that all recruits aren’t compelled to have their announcements done this way, so they might see just how blessed they really are.

Mature and wise beyond his years… perfect pitch.

Being the proud uncle of a young man who also happens to have cerebral palsy all I can say is kudos to this young man for what he did. Mature beyond his years in thinking about others and how to make a positive impact on somebody else.