This is hilarious


OMG, that was so funny. This team better get their transition D fixed they’ll be in big trouble.

And eat their veggies.

The ones who don’t get back in transition will be eating their vegetables on the bench.

Love it, Moms always know best!

I bet he agrees. We all know that if they don’t get back on defense or put out max effort on the defensive end, they want have to worry about shooting the 3 except maybe in practice. Mom knows it, and these players will soon know it if they don’t already. Coach EM insists on defense.

Its easy to see where Coach Muss gets his sense of humor from. Funny stuff.

Can’t wait to see what mom writes when we win a NC sometime down the road.

Absolutely a great Mom story. It shows that Muss is a lucky man to have such a great Mom.

We will find out over time how good a coach Muss is, but in a short period of time we already know he is best at marketing over any other coach in America. If he wants to leave coaching for some reason, he could have a great career as Director of Marketing of the largest corporations in America.

She reminds me of my mom. My mom didn’t hold back.

She was a product of the great depression and being a single mom in the 60’s and 70’s when women were very limited in opportunities.

My all time favorite saying of my mom is “You’ll live.” That what she always said whenever I got hurt as a kid. Being raised by a single mom, she didn’t want me to become a sissy as she would say.


Richard, your mom’s attitude is missing today and would go a long way to fixing what we all know is broken now.

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I agree 100%. I knew I was loved without the helicopter parent mentality.

Not all current parents have that mentality but far too many do. Not enough of tough love now days.

Another saying of my mom was “Unless you’re on your death bed, you go to work.”

When I run into a parent with the tough love attitude, we instantly connect. There’s several Hog parents that raise their kids with tough love.

One of the things my mom told me that was pretty funny:

I put a C to start your name, but there better not be any on your report card and very few Bs.

Don’t smoke, drink, cuss, or chew.
Don’t hang around those that do.

I chewed for awhile, but other than that, I followed mom’s advice pretty well.

Moms are so smart and get so much smarter as we age.

We had an Elm tree in our front yard. Mom would send me out to get the switch she was about to use on me. I knew it better be a stout switch or she would give me a longer switching. I also learned early not to say “that’s not fair”. Her answer was always “that right son and life is not fair…you’re learning a good life lesson”.

She was strict but never missed a day saying “I love you”.

She is missed by our entire family.

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