This is hard to watch

OL is pathetic and defense doesn’t know what to do!

Well … at least we have the Dub Club :rofl:


How can the hogs get theeir butts kicked so bad at home by a big sky team? Over confident, thought they had this just show up and it theirs.

Over confident? 2-10 and barely surviving Portland State and overconfident? That’s funny.

What a pitiful performance…I’m about through with Razorback football.

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I’m sitting in the stands and watching a defense that doesn’t know how to defend swing passes.

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I think a lot of folks are through witht this brand of football. I refuse to say Razorback football, because this ain’t Razorback football. This is an absolute joke.

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Speaks to the coaching staff, how else can you get manhandled by a team that has not won a road game since 2016.

OC who has no clue how to call plays and a DC who has been washed up for years, this is what you get.

And it’s going to get chad fired.

Maybe we should’ve just taken Norvell and his baggage, but Chads clearly not going to work out here. I’m tired of trying to tell myself he might, he won’t, he can’t handle this.

So true, but Arkansas ain’t going to fire this guy. We might as well get used to it.

I think another 2-10 season could wipe them all out.

We are not a sec team at this time

I agree. The team is clueless be it offense or defense. When they show our coaches, they seem clueless as well. Out played, out coached, and have no pride…

SJS got manhandled by Tulsa & come into Razorback Stadium and make us look like a Jr. High team, some coaching changes need to be made for sure.

Agree, CCM is clearly in over his head. What a pathetic coaching job tonight. Both coordinators were beyond bad. Sad thing is, it will probably take another year to get this group fired. I’ve been a die hard fan my whole life (over 60 years), but I just don’t enjoy watching this team any more. What an incredible dumpster fire we have on our hands!

I literally hurt. I have donated many thousand $$ & been a season ticket holder for over 40 years but cannot continue either considering the product being put on the field. It is not hard to recognize that most of the coaches (inc HC) are in over their heads. The errors today are too numerous to mention but I’m sure others will do so in the hours & days to come. And to think, the Washington State coach wanted our HC job.

From what I have read,we turned our noses up at Leach, he wanted an interview but we wouldn’t even give him one.