This is good news

DE Dorian Gerald text me at 10:48 this morning to tell me he was coming in on Wednesday for a visit and was wanting to surprise the fans so I didn’t plan to put it out, but it’s being reported elsewhere.

That is good news!!

Very good!

Seen what he had to say abt the A&M visit. Undescribable, he said it just felt right with coaches and players. Shows visiting fla after us. At least we are getting another look. Shows Chavis and staff stand out.

Getting them on the hill is always an important step.

This would be a great one to have.

We need the DE pretty bad.

well he goes to Fla this weekend…would love to have him but got our work cut out.

Looks like a starter for sure.

If you can’t get in the QB’s mind, you are in deep
trouble. Sacking is great and forcing a turnover is
even better, but you can’t let the good ones get
in a rhythm.

We have some serious needs on our defense.
Well duh.