This is going to get ugly!

We can’t throw in the ocean, all they’re doing is lining the perimeter because they know we can’t score inside.Got to get it rolling!!

Well big Williams girl that’s keeping us in the game. She is doing much better today scoring-wise

If Hogs can’t get the 3 ball to start dropping in the 2nd half they are in big trouble.
Question? Has anyone else noticed that Dungee appears to be much heavier than last season?
Appears that that added bulk has negatively affected her quickness to get to the bucket.

Nice start to the 2nd half, hope they can keep it going.
They have to defend much better this half.
They have quickly gotten within four points.

Awesome!I guess if I don’t watch we do better! I was watching the Braves Red Sox game…good maybe we can pull it out…yes Dungee looks about 10-15 LBS heavier to me…That Little Daniels girl is agood player,really like her.

Awesome comeback!!! way to go girls!!

First lead of the game with 8.6 seconds left in the game and that’s all it took.
Great comeback for the Hogs.
CMN should be able to build on his recruiting with what these young ladies are doing.

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