This is frustrating

We’ve been robbed of several hits. (I don’t like Kramer Roberts.). Reidl has done a very good job in relief, but we can’t get to Walker at all. At least by being only 1 run down, we might be able to pick up a couple somewhere to salvage this series.

This series was lost last night. I knew we would be a very flat team today. Just a terrible, disheartening, late inning collapse.

I agree. I didn’t think it was so much a flat team today as just being aware that LSU is too good to let us jump on them 3 days in a row. By blowing the game last night, I just figured we’d blown our shot at winning 2 against a quality team.

We never got to Walker & it seemed like every time we might have something going, LSU turned a DP.

Flat wld have been 10-0 not 2-0. They had some bad bounces and a very bad ump today. Doesn’t excuse the loss, but I’m gonna try and keep perspective.

We lost a series to the best program in America. Dominated them for almost 2/3 of it.

We would have won it if the best SS we have had in 10-15 yrs had made a play he makes in his sleep.

It was maddeningly frustrating but this team can be very good and is off to a great start, even after a disappointing weekend.

The players need to remember what happened to lose that game yesterday, and how it felt.

They lost focus and magic couldn’t bring it back.

I played on a HS baseball state championship team many years ago. I remember at one point early in the season, we lost a close game against a team we should have beat. We were 8-3 after that game. Our coach gave us one of the best talks in history after that game. He told us we are a pretty good team, but he was sick of the players not in the starting lineup not being ready to play when their name was called. He said, “You guys are over there playing grab-ass and talking about how Judy farted her panties in study hall.” It got a big laugh, but we got the message. The whole team needs to be focused. Especially the relievers in the bullpen. You can’t come out there trying to throw neato looking pitches. Throw strikes.

BTW, we won our next 21 games.

Go Hogs!!!

That made me laugh out loud, Buck

Very good talk by the coach!

I’m glad you appreciate this. I’m actually heading there Thursday for our 45th reunion. They are doing a little ceremony before the HS game on Friday. I’m pretty pumped.

Go Hogs!!!