This is embarrassing

Embarrassing for the Hogs and the conference. This is one is going to sting when they are doing the March Madness selections.

I don’t think I have the stomach to watch the 2nd half.

Navy any change of thoughts about our team??

Go Hogs, in the SEC championship game.

Beat the Wildcats!!

YES it will take a superman effort, BUT We’re In!!

AND the NCAA for all the doubters…


… for the

Nobody is happier than Navy tonight. I can respect frustration out of desire to see the Hogs win. Oh, we all know that. The posters that would rather undermine the program than win now is what gets under my skin. Navy is NOT one those posters.

I’ve been wrong with some of my statements, but I’ve “mostly hung on to the rope”.

I’m very happy after today.