This is embarrassing.

Not having a true point guard has killed us over the years, Jabril figured it out last year. This team seems lazy and unwilling to do the team concepts of basketball. And the lack discipline. Take way too many ill advised shots on offense and on defense switching is horrible. Its like trying to outrace a cop who has a radio… hello teamwork.

Not understanding your whole “true PG” logic. We won 27 games 2 years ago without a true PG. We won 16 games last year with one. It’s just one bad game. OK State is on fire, refs giving them all the calls, and we didn’t show up to play. We got 10 more games left to go and we’re 16-5 after today.

It is hard to not be “on fire” when you are shooting so many dunks and layups.

My logic is this team doesnt share the ball. And a true pg is going to do that instead of trying to work it one on one. This team has noone that create thier own shot and only one person who can really drive to basket. So we have to have great passing to catch defense out of position.

The OP has been salivating for a day like today (when we run into a buzzsaw) to post. I didn’t see any posts from him after the comeback Tuesday night though.

I noticed that, too. Some days just aren’t good days for a team. This is one of those for us, But one never sees this OP until things go bad. I’d love to know what team he roots for.