This is cool (gymnastics)

Kyla Ross, 2012 Olympic gold medalist and 11-time All-America at UCLA is joining Wieber’s staff as a volunteer assistant. First female gymnast ever to hold Olympic, World and NCAA titles.


Seems that the Womens’ program is not sitting still, adding talent to a pretty strong group of coaches in the overall program. I will eagerly watch as they all work to make the Razorbacks a program of champions.


That’s nice! Now we need some recruits like Suni Lee, who I guess would be a 6-star if they did star rankings for gymnastics recruits (maybe someone does somewhere).

And lo and behold, somebody does. Suni Lee is a five star and not even the best recruit in the country, or the best recruit off the Olympic team (Jade Carey was).

Our best signee got a score of 69 and a 4-star. Leanne Wong of Florida got 92. Lee got 85, and she’s a freaking Olympic all-around champion. Methinks that score needs adjusting.

Our best commitment for 2022 gets a 66 and 4 stars. Then we have two 3-stars.

Kyla had 22, yes 22, 10s in college competition. Here is a video showing all of them.


certainly impresses me, but does it intrigue a recruit? agree there is not a recruiting cross comparison that seems valid based on recent events.

Most of the star 5 gymnasts find biggie success when they are 16 and have coaches already they are attached to at their gym. So, this probably won’t attract them. But the next level of recruits should be intrigued.

Do you think Suni will actually compete for Auburn?

That seems to be the plan. If she wasn’t going to compete she could just turn pro and cash in on winning gold. She can still cash in thanks to NIL but as a pro she wouldn’t have the distractions of going to class. She’d be training either way though.

Do athletes go to class in Auburn? :wink:

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Football players don’t. Gymnasts probably do.


Suni will go to the classes. She wants her degree. As a gymnast, she cannot make as much money as major sports.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that. She was the star of the Olympics, she’s beautiful, and she is the first gold medalist to come back to compete in college during the times of NIL. Might be the perfect storm for her. Wish she was a Gym Back.

NIL or not, I am going by what former All-around champions have been able to make. And this is our fifth in a row. She is young enough to do 2024 in Paris, but after that it will be back to a normal life. So, I think still wants a degree.

Is she on scholarship or just enrolled at Auburn? Anyone know? That probably answers my original question of whether she will compete for Auburn.

She is on scholarship and fully intends to compete. I think she will probably end up making more money than Simone, and be one of the biggest faces of NIL. JMO.

From the Allbarn website.

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