This is comical


I’m beyond pissed. I don’t know what happens in the locker room at halftime but it seems like a bunch of ice cream cone eating or worse.

What a total cluster…

Our coach has lost more leads than any coach I can remember. I’m sick of this. Our corners in the third quarter started playing 10 yards off receivers again. They hit the short pass 5 or 6 times. That is coaching. Then on offense enos gets conservative, Allen goes to the I’m scared again qb. 2 interceptions, 2 fumbles by a sr receiver. Whatever they do at halftime they need to change. But we have being Bret beliema to look forward to

Bring out the team shrink.

CBB needs to have a total Nolan Richardson fit on the sideline right now instead of that confused Popeye look he has going on.