This is Awesome

Thanks Clay!

I like what I see already.

As with Scout’s new format from last year, I don’t like not being able to see who has replied to a post without clicking on a post. There are only 10 or so posters that I read and it will really slow me down if I have to click on every original post.

Hang in there is all going to work out. Clay has started it’s some thing he’s dreamed about.

Not sure I like losing the number of posts…

I need to look around some more. Actually I don’t mind change! :smiley:

I’m a creature of habit and this will take some getting used to but,
It seems to be faster for sure, that could be due to not as many people logged in yet or other reasons maybe.
Like Porque stated, I like seeing all of the responses to threads also.

Maybe add a little color also in the thread sections.

If Clay is working on it, then I’m sure we will have a site that is very accommodating and worthy.

Me too!