This is a weird one

Michigan’s co-OC is on leave with a police investigation of “computer access crimes” coming out of the athletic department building in Ann Arbor. What does computer access crimes mean? Hacking, or something else?

As was the case with Chris Beard, there’s enough wiggle room in his contract to allow Meechigan to fire him for cause for this.

Very odd indeed. What in the world would he be hacking into……TCU’s defensive playbook???

Or Ohio State’s.

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My Michigan contact says he was busted hacking university staff emails!

That’s even weirder.

Not really…pathological blooms when pressure is applied. Sounds pretty close to Beantown. I can imagine the pressure to win in Harbaugh’s house. It is of interest to note Weiss has a history with Harbaugh and his brother.

If so, it didn’t help.


How would an assistant football coach have time to hack anything? Those guys have no life.