This is a very balanced class.

Seven on offense

-2 qb (plus the baseball player walkon). It gives us 3 shots at having a winner at the most important position.

1 running back-not a position of need
1 receiver-not a position of need
3 offensive tackles
0 tight ends-not a position of need.

Ten on defense

5 defensive linemen-always a position of need
2 linebackers
1 corner
2 safeties

For the short time our coaches had to put this together, and the limit on schollies, this has the looks of a class put together by coaches who knew what they were doing.

I think you hit it right on the head. In a short period of time they saw we needed help on the defensive side of the ball and addressed that .

I think CCM passed an early test. Everybody knows he’s an offensive minded coach. Would his recruiting reflect that? No. He did what was necessary. Defense has been the problem. We’ve got good, young freshmen corners as well as Pulley, but now we have two talented safeties coming into the mix, two linebackers who should add depth and defensive linemen who should help, some immediately. Just what the team needed. This recruiting class, while not ranked high, should give fans a good feeling that CCM will do whatever it takes to make the program better.

Yes. CCM showed that he values the defensive side of the ball.

Gotta agree!

Remember when CBP would sign seven wide receivers every year and when CBB got here there were deficiencies in half the areas of the team? Glad our new offensive guru has different ideas.