This is a party line game

Get ready for excuses.

CBB is building the program the right way, don’t forget. Uncommon kids.

Meanwhile another big lead blown and your starting senior TE is shoplifting at Belk.

I really hope we rally

I have 0 faith in Bielema as HC.

Assuming we lose - which is a safe assumption - this will be two losses in a row in which Arkansas has suffered collapses of historic proportions. Given up leads that no Arkansas team has given up in 40+ years.

The players are a reflection of their leader. There is a reason Saban has five stars that win NC’s and Miles has five stars that won 9 games.

The buck always stops with the HC and these collapses, coupled with the most embarrassing loss in SEC at Auburn, show our HC is not the man to lead this program going forward.

We are who we thought we are.

/slow clap

Bielema has given us some things we’ve never had. Unfortunately, they are all bad.