This is a huge game!

This is a huge game, there has been so much positive press about us that we just have to win it to keep the wheels in motion. We cannot let Cincinnati come in here and throw a kink in our hose. All the positive press we’ve gotten can quickly be erased with a loss.

Given the way we have opened up the season playing the last several years and the quality of the opponent this is a very dangerous game.

I like the fact that we are playing at home in front of an almost sell out crowd. We just have to avoid costly turnovers and giving them easy touchdowns by blowing coverages,TO TDs, we have to make them earn everything they get, defense has to force 2-3 turnovers. We do those things right there and I think we come away with about a 10-point win.


True. And come away with no injuries.


AND, after the win, do not overlook SC in our 2nd game. 1-1 is better than 0-2, but not by much.

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Absolutely not, our season can get off to a great start or it can go south on us very very quickly

All are huge so to speak, more important than next week? I don’t think so. :sunglasses:

I agree. An SEC game is always more important than an OOC game, regardless of the opponent. Although, I had a hard time convincing myself that was true before the Texas game last season.

Cincy is a very big game from a national media standpoint because they are ranked. It can make a big difference in bowl status at the end of the season. But, still has to take a back seat to an SEC game.

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Yeah, you definitely don’t want to to lose the 1st game, but it’s not DOOM.

This makes me feel a little better about the Cincy game:

ESPN’s top 100 college players for the 2022 Season:

KJ - #32 - QB
Pool - #39 - LB
Catalon - #66 - Safety

Price - #94 - LB

If this game were being played last season, those numbers of players above would have probably been reversed. Of course, our one player, Burks, would have been much higher ranked than #94.
I think both teams were probably overlooked by having no OL listed in the top 100.

No it’s not Doom because we hadn’t played any conference games yet but from a national standpoint we would take a big hit if we lose this first game probably drop out of the top 25. We need to keep all the positive momentum going we don’t need to be backsliding after one week

I agree with that, and that its a momentum matter. But also, Sam’s credibility is on the line here. He’s said how much improvement he’s seen with this team, across the board. He’s saying we should be a very good team. Well, in three days we’ll be playing a team that made last year’s playoff championship…they’ll be a very good litmus test of our progress.


They all count one. Win any eight of these, you had a good year.


Hard to believe it’s not sold out

It is a holiday weekend. Never a good weekend for football ticket sales. Night game in September is better. We all know it’s about TV.

I just read that they have two receivers with 4.29 speed, so the blown coverages will be my main concern now. Otis Kirk has been talking about Hudson Clark’s lack of speed being a concern (where his other skills aren’t) so this could be bad news. Makes me want to maybe retract my prediction of a 10 point Hogs win.

Also I’m looking at how well our dline does against that experienced oline of theirs–it’s an interesting matchup for both teams. I think our starters will do fine, we just aren’t as deep as I would like us to be, so I’m trusting that Sam isn’t lying when he says he likes the dline. But, yeah, it’s a dangerous game.

I would be shocked if the 4.29 is really accurate but we’ve been covering Landers and they all have seen Hornsby, Satenga has great speed as well so we have seen guys who are very very fast. I really doubt very seriously we put Clark in man coverage against any of those guys, I think he will always have help over the top.

Well that OL gave up 39 sacks last year in a conference that doesn’t have near the athletes the SEC has. So we will see how that translates Saturday.

I’m getting a bad feeling about this one

I know, one game doesn’t make a season; and Trey’s a Titan. But, versus Bama last year.
Ridder, neutral field, QBR 28.3, 144 yards
KJ, at Bama, QBR 93.7, 326 yards

The experienced Ridder is now a Falcon; KJ will be leading our team.

You would retract your prediction based on what Otis Kirk said???

Great points. We are not playing last season’s Cincinnati. If we were, I’d be on the “very worried” side. I firmly believe we are the better and more talented. We are at home. If we play well, we will win. Play poorly, and we’ll probably lose.

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