This is a BIG game

  1. Historically, we haven’t done all that great in Bowl games.

  2. We need to beat the Big 10 for national prestige and bragging rights, not to mention that little thing “recruiting”

  3. Penn State is no slouch. We’ll need to use all our SEC speed to win. It won’t be a pushover.

  4. The CFP and selection committee gave us big-time recognition by putting a 4-loss team in a Jan 1 bowl (even if it’s not named after a state fruit or product.). We want them to have a good feeling about their selection (so if there’s a question in future years, they can say “Arkansas will give us a good game.”

  5. I want the boys to have a great time, this is their reward.

That said: I was at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. My roommate turned the heat up to “suffocate”. I was trying to figure out what to do when it dawned on my slow brain that I was in a hotel with a 24/7/365 casino…so I got dressed and wandered down there, around 2:30-3:00.

As I got to the casino and observed the heart of our D-line, dressed to the 9’s, got into a white stretch limo with some…ladies…and whisked away. The game was at 10 or 11 o’clock IIRC. They were obviously sleepwalking during the game.

Now, CSP is no HDN (thank GOD) but I hope he keeps a fairly tight rein on everybody while we’re there. (I also vividly remember Lou Holtz suspending his entire backfield an hour before the Orange Bowl. Fortunately, that turned out ok.)



It’s a tight line to walk for a coach—letting the guys have some fun while still maintaining some discipline. Tampa is a nice destination, but it’s not Vegas. Mainly they need to keep out of trouble. It was embarrassing (humiliating) to have a player caught shoplifting at the Belk store in Charlotte.

I’m confident Sam will handle them the best way, but the players still have to exercise some self-discipline. They need to be in bed at a reasonable hour the night before the game even though it’s New Years Eve.


Hoping for healthy, fun, and winning. MalvernHog hit the bullseye. This will be a very difficult opponent but most certainly not unbeatable. We can and we really, really need a win.


Just huge.

Need to break the trend in our long history. Just win baby!


Malvie, Holtz suspended the backfield 10 days before the game. The players actually filed a lawsuit in hopes of being reinstated, but they eventually dropped the suit. The suspensions were long before the team arrived in Miami. Vivid can fail you sometimes.


The beauty in this is that the outcome still remains the same.

Yeah I thought I remembered the suspensions being well before we left for Miami. They also promoted my high school track teammate Trent Bryant into the starting lineup in place of Ben Cowins, which nobody remembers because Roland Sales ran wild from the fullback spot.

Yep…those suspensions were why the game was literally “off the board” for the gamblers. It was big news for several days before the Bowl.

Elderly issues and that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I was in college myself.


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