This is a Big, Big, Big

game toight for me. Better not be no eggs played tonight. This is the first of 3 with the next two coming in Sep (that one really scares me with are complete last of SEC talent) AND THEN NEXT DEC. Got to have all 3, or my life will become much more difficult!

Lol! Tonight has been a snoozer after the first 10 minutes. I wish our FB team could play defense like this bunch of BB players! Mike has some athletic guys on this team.

My wife & I are considering coming out for the football game this fall and visit couple extra days. Any suggestions on where to stay? Stuff to do? Thanks.

You are good for this week Colorado.

I’ve had to put up with a lot here in TN since (in previous years) the Vols have owned us in FB and BB.

We’ve won the last two games in both FB and BB. And none of the Vol folks want to talk about it.

It’s funny how that works.

My first look was something like 2-16. I was a wreck. Then the 46 pt or whatever run. Now that was more like it.

I promise you very few around Collins knew CSU was playing AR tonight, but if it had went the way it started, I could not have gone into my lab on the CSU Campus (a very nice campus by the way) without hearing it over and over again.

That is one down and 2 to go. Very, very concerned about this next one in Sep.

If anyone coming out wants info, PM me and I will be glad to help you out.