This implosion is on coaching...

They are flat out terrible at adjusting. Heads gotta roll.

I agree. Sick of this.

It’s ALWAYS on the coach… buck stops with the multi millionaire. Teams are a reflection of there leader.


But AD and lack of plans to compete and win titles is completetely on him, not a coaching personality

At one point the announcers commented that while some of the players were together trying to ignite something positive that Coach B. was off to the side by himself. Why? Does he know how to coach? Does he know how to inspire? Whenever, I say whenever have you seen him on the sideline actually coaching up individuals or groups like the O line, defensive front, etc.? He does not do that. All you see him do is stand around. When things start going south he still stands around but with a “what’s happening” look all over his face. He acts as if he is totally clueless when it comes to any coaching during the game making any kind of a positive impact or adjustments. Coach B. and his staff have to put this on their shoulders. Obviously they lost this group of players sometime back and never got them back on board the train. Until some changes, big changes are made, nothing will change. Expect some of the better new recruits to look elsewhere to find a good home that will actually do something for them. This coaching staff, especially at various key positions, will not get the players post season honors in the future much less do much for those who want a chance at the next level. We can show 'em how to fold up when things are tough and get them pretty good at doing just that.

Coach B. has made it clear that we do not need any actual coaching changes. What we have and what we are doing are the right things except for making a decision on 4/3 or 3/4. I am not sure how anyone will ever be able to improve Coach B’s vision because obviously what he sees and is pleased with does not measure up with what hog nation expects. Maybe next spring we will have a real quarterback battle and without bias. Still, if Coach B. is right and we just keep on doing what we are doing, then lets not expect anything more than what we have seen as this team ‘matured’ as the season marched on. What an example to follow…

Well, players either make good plays or bad plays. Ours found every way possible to make bad plays in the 2nd half.
Coaches will take blame as they should. They recruited and selected those that are playing.
This years team displayed a tremendous lack of leadership from the players. Coaches would never say that publicly. But it’s obvious from the players actions and reactions to adversity. Make no mistake about it, they have taken a step backwards this season.
Allen has the physical tools to be a great qb. But he doesn’t show the mental toughness yet. No other player on offense showed leadership. Defense didn’t have any leadership either. Ellis lack of speed made him a big liability on 3rd down defense especially. Ends and line were sporadic performers at best.

The workload and intensity will increase this offseason no doubt.


Had nothing to do with coaching! A reliable player had two costly fumbles to start the second half. I contend that had Morgan not fumbled through the endzone, and had we answered their first TD (after the 1st Morgan fumble) to go up 31-7, we would have won in a blowout.

Then AA throws two costly Interceptions.

How was that coaching?

If you say the coaches are off the hook after blowing 24-7 and 24-0 halftime leads in back to back games then I don’t know what to say. Arkansas has led by 24 or more 50 times since 1970 and never lost until tonight. What a joke.

This panicking, undisciplined, and wilting bunch of players are a direct reflection of their coach.

So who coached them to those leads? Where the players just allowed to do whatever they wanted in the first half, then the coaches decided they had to play differently in the 2nd? While I don’t believe the coaches are without blame, I also don’t believe that a senior receiver coughing up a fumble, then fumbling one out of the endzone on almost the next play can be blamed strictly on the coaches.

It is obvious from your posts that you want a coaching change. Not sure who you think we should hire, would be interested to hear what direction you think we should go.

There are lots of directions I’d go…was on record wanting Willie Taggart in 2013, but that ship has now passed. I like PJ Fleck a lot. In a year or two we may be able to hire Jeff Brohm from Purdue. I think Troy Calhoun would be a significant upgrade.There are others, but these are a few that come to mind.

As for coaching part of it is adjustments - Fuente and Barry Odom made them and we got whipped standing flat footed.

Odom may be fine. I look at his whole season rather than one game. The others are unproven. Maybe they would be good. Idk. It makes me laugh to see the biggest haters fall for HDN 2.0 (Fleck). He’s the schtickiest of all.

You all whine about Bielema’s catch phrases. Fleck is a walking catch phrase.

Bielema may not be the answer, but some of the guys you all get giddy over make me laugh. Uncommon is unacceptable but Row the Boat and Princess Di comparisons are great.

He might be good, but he’s a gamble. They all are.

If Bielema warrants firing he will be fired and we can try out another coach. Maybe it will work.

But, Fleck. Man, that’s good stuff. Row the boat. 100 yard dashes down the sideline. Stage diving.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth on this board after a few losses would be epic.

Western Michigan was dead - now they are in a New Years Six bowl. He’s quirky, but I think a stud coach. We shall see.

As for Bielema he deserves to be fired tonight but won’t be thanks to Jeff Long giving him an $18mm buyout for going 7-6 in 2014. Will he make it $25mm after another 7-6 masterpiece?

And it’s still Western Michigan so you really don’t know until he’s on the big stage. He might be great. And he might even be great at another Power 5.

The question is whether he would be good, here. I hope we never know.

I have always said we need an unconventional system to win, here. Petrino was ideal because hid offense leveled the playing field. I thought Bielema might fit in that regard because so few teams are pro-style.

But, his problem is that his areas of perceived strength are weaknesses right now.

I don’t think the buyout will be the issue. If Bielema doesn’t get it fixed I expect he will jump to a similar program in a weaker Power 5 conference (like Iowa or KState is Ferentz or Snyder ever retire).

I don’t know what will happen, but I find it humorous that some on here (present company excepted) talk about how bad it is for us to have a Yankee AD and coach who don’t know the southern way of life, and yet when we look for replacements (at least at head football coach), we point to coaches in the Big Ten, at Western Michigan or the same areas of the country from where our present coach came. lol!

Everybody has the answer - Coaching change. Could be right or could be wrong. Guess it would be a good start but,

This whole program and fan base and state is in total melt down mode. A mind set that is entrenched here.

Maybe we should lobby to the NCAA to only play 2 quarters of football in college, we would be a perennial top 20 or better team then.

I don’t care if Bielema is a yankee or not - Hell Saban and Meyer are Yankees. No problems with them in my book.

So you want to replace a 93-49 coach with 3 conference titles, all in P5 conferences, with a 30-21 coach from the G5 with one conference title. I am no expert, but that does not seem like a sound decision to me.

At this point what Bret did at Wisconsin is meaningless to me. He was handed a great program and took advantage of Michigan being in turmoil and in the later years Ohio State’s issues.

He’s been here four years and has not shown the ability to rebuild a program. He has a losing record overall and an abysmal conference record.

The next coach, whoever that may be, needs to be a proven program builder. Needed that last time and Long selected a guy that maintained a program that was already in good shape. Bielema did not rebuild Wisconsin and has yet to rebuild Arkansas.

Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out. I don’t see how PJ Fleck’s record at W Mich translates to our situation any better than BB’s record at Wisc, but I guess if PJ doesn’t get it done we can all get our pitchforks and tar an feathers back out and run him out on a rail as well. F–k a bunch of patience, who cares about virtues anyway.