This hurts worse than Texas '69.

We were 15 minutes away then. Yesterday we were one routine defensive play, a one-second lapse way. Tonight was how I feared we would respond – pressing too hard, etc. And it happened

In my opinion, it wasn’t that bad. However, I’m more into football than baseball.

This is nothing compared to the Shootout loss back in '69. After the Shootout loss, I was the most depressed eight-year old in town. I remember watching it in the living room floor. This is more like the Stoerner fumble - a fluke loss to a superior team.

Not sure about pressing but striking out over 40x and leaving RISP in a 3 game series will kill you everytime

Hurt is the same—- can’t wait for football

Great run

Hard to compare. Both hurt badly. I remember thinking the loss to Tenn in 98 hurt as badly as the 69 loss. I doubt it did, but it still ranks high. This hurts terribly. I’m confident we’ll be back. We can recruit by telling them they can play in Omaha & get to the CWS with a good chance to win it. Our facilities, already among the best, are about to get a very player-friendly upgrade. We’lll be back to Omaha and will be soon. I’m confident of that as long as DVH is the HC.

The ‘69 Texas game killed us in recruiting because our coaches were so devastated by the loss—at least that’s something a player on that team once told me. I think he was right. Anyway, as badly as I hurt right now, I like where our program is where I think it’s headed. (Despite some of the crap I’m reading from some posters on this board.)

Make no mistake, Texas was the superior team on December 6, 1969. It just took them four quarters and some incredible breaks to overcome us. We didn’t have the horses to be leading 14-0 that day. And I was one incredibly depressed 9-year-old that day, too. I remember it well. This was worse.

Here’s an example for younger fans (not that much younger unfortunately). Clint McDaniel scored our final point of the NCG with Duke on a free throw with 10 seconds left. Last night was as if Clint had missed that last FT, Duke comes down, hits a three, gets fouled, makes the FT for the four-point play and wins 76-75. That’s what last night felt like to me.

Nah, the wound is just much fresher.

This is not even close to 1969. For one thing, football is the biggest college sport and the Arkansas-Texas game was the game of the century. It was for the National Championship in football. College baseball is not even close to college football in prestige or popularity. You could barely find a story on CBS or ESPN about the games in Omaha.
This is painful, but not close to the agony of 1969.

The entire nation was watching this game in 1969. Billy Graham gave the invocation. President Richard Nixon came to the game. It was a huge event. Probably the biggest event in this state’s history at the time. The baseball CWS is just not in the same type of popularity. I still feel the pain of 1969.

I know people who are diehard Razorback baseball fans who are football fans by association. I can assure you this hurts worse for them than the '69 game.

I like college baseball. College football is my favorite sport, followed by the NFL and college basketball.

This CWS hurts a little, but it’s still baseball, and I just don’t have the emotional attachment to baseball that I do with those other sports.

I was nine years old in 69 and I still can’t watch any replays from that game, it literally makes me so mad my stomach hurts. The Stoerner fumble against Tennessee was pretty bad, and there have been several other bad moments in football and basketball over the years, but that 69 game is the worst ever for me.

The thing about it is – Arkansas is not frequently in true championship situations. Winner take all scenarios. Each one is critical and requires flawless execution. Major Arkansas sports teams (football, men’s hoops) have not done a lot of winning in recent years. I am very critical of the athletic program for not having better football and basketball teams of late. Gross mismanagement. But baseball has not been grossly mismanaged. Just the opposite, it’s been very high level and a shining beacon. So while it sucks mightily that we were one play from a national title, it’s hard for me to say anything negative about this baseball season and CWS. Sports losses can rip out your guts. But for that to happen you have to be in position to play for something meaningful. Van Horn got them there. I am very grateful for this baseball program and the season it had.

You and I very rarely agree. But we do here. Great season. Got to the door, knocked on it but couldn’t quite get it open. That’s what rips your heart out. I’m not blaming DVH, or Shaddy or Cole or anyone who couldn’t handle the OSU pitching staff this week. I’ve known for weeks we were good enough to win it all. What I didn’t know is if we could get the job done. Until that popfly hit the ground, I thought we could, but I didn’t know. Turns out my fears were justified. We had 99.9999% of what we needed, but that last 0.0001% couldn’t be overcome.

Well said. I don’t recall hurting very much after the 2016 season. We completely tanked before there was any hope of getting to the SEC tournament, much less the NCAA. The only reason this hurts so much is because we were good enough to get here & did. I was disappointed in last football season, but by the 4th loss I was numb to them. Wanted to win but got over the loss in short order. I won’t get over this loss in, well, forever. If we win won some day soon, it’ll ease the pain. The passage of time will ease it some. But the memory will always be there. But so will the fact that we got here.

Lets look at other near misses:

Final Fours in 1978 and 1990. We weren’t the best team in the country. Kept it close against UK and Duke in the semis but you didn’t really feel those teams were capable of winning it all. (Nolan’s best team that didn’t win it? Not '95; '91, when we blew a 10-point lead in the Elite Eight to Kansas. We beat Duke by 10 in Madison Square Garden in November. Duke won it all by upsetting UNLV. Could we have done that? Maybe.)

January 1, 1966. Like the 1995 Final Four, we were trying to repeat. Might have done so in both cases if not for a key injury (Jon Brittenum and Clint McDaniel; both tried to return but were not effective). But the pain lessened by having won it all the previous year.

June 1979. We’d never been to Omaha before. Never even won an NCAAT game. Had no idea how good we were, or how hard it is to get there. All we knew was second place to Texass in the SWC, again. As Bill Bakewell pointed out Wednesday in an interview they played on the TDA videoboard, we were the #4 seed in our six-team regional at Florida State. Won that (no supers then), won our first three in Omaha, then again couldn’t get it done in the final round. Nobody would have guessed it would be 39 years before we got back to that stage.

  1. Perry Costello. But beyond that, we couldn’t hit the Chicken pitchers; scored 4 runs total in our three games with them (even worse than this week). The other years we finished third in the CWS we were coming out of the losers bracket and had no pitching left.

January 2, 1978. We were the best team in the country that day. But we were too far down the pecking order to pass Alabama and Notre Dame in the final polls. Some computer rating said there should be a three-way tie of UA, Bummer and ND. I’d settle for that. But blasting the Paperclips was good enough at the time.

. . . and the very realistic chance that we’d be back in the same position a year later (should have been). When you “know” your program is in great shape, and you’re likely each year to have a reasonable, realistic chance for a championship, losing one doesn’t hurt quite as badly. Not pleasant, but not devastating either.

that doesn’t get much notice was when Danny Brabham fumbled as he was crashing into the Texas end zone and Texas recovered . That was October 20, 1962. We were both 4-0 and Texas went on to win the game 7-3. Had we won the game, I believe we would have won the natty for '62. That was the only loss we had that year until the bowl game. I will always believe Brabham scored before the fumble and remains for me one of our most painful failures. Devember 6, 1969 and the pop-up missed catch share that distinction as well.

I have always carried in my mind the notion that the 69 Texas game was what ended Broyles career. He couldn’t let it go - that loss continued to beat the Hogs until he retired.

We have a long way to go before we can say this affects DVH the same way. Could, of course, but I suspect he’ll jump back in the saddle and figure out a way to get there again.

Sports radio on Wednesday afternoon, pre-oops, talked about the real measuring stick isn’t the championships but the “getting close.” They talked about Final Four in hoops, the BCS final four, and the CWS as the thresholds to cross. We are there already.

That said, sure wanted to be buying NC gear this weekend.


We were 15 minutes away then. Yesterday we were one routine defensive play, a one-second lapse way. Tonight was how I feared we would respond – pressing too hard, etc. And it happened

[/quote]I’ve not quite understood the “69” Team argument. I always thought the worst disappointment was the “77” loss to Texas…the problem is we may have had the best team in the country in 77, but nobody, including the Hogs knew that at the time of the 4th quarter let down.


Depends on your age. Fans under 55 don’t remember the '69 game.