This has the attention of Hog fans

He and Sam M’bake were teammates.

I think there’s a good chance he visits again in April.

North Cobb is a very solid program.
He will have played against very good competition.

RD are we still involved with Vic Sutton from Madison Mississippi??

Things appears to have slowed. I’ve traded texts with him. I need to check more into it.

Avery Johnson, Singleton and Jaden Rashada are three I’m focused on.

I think you’ll see soon why I think Arkansas might have a legit chance for Rashada.


Okay that sounds good to me. Sutton comes with a risk anyway because there’s no guarantee he will be 100% healthy after that knee surgery

Not too shabby…75% completion percentage, run / pass accounting for 3300 yards and 49 TDs in a high classification.

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