This has got to be the most balanced year ever in the SEC

I just checked the standings after all the games posted today. There are three teams tied for 2nd place and six teams tied for 6th place. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Usually by now teams have separated themselves. Outside of Auburn it’s almost a coin flip from game to game.

This next 5 game stretch is going to make or break us. These next 5 games are against the 5 teams with the worst overall records in the conference. It should be doable to win at least 3 out of 5 here and try to get some momentum heading into the Kentucky game.

The home court also is not a sure win! The disappointment I have so far with our hogs is coughing up the lead late at Moo U and just not showing up to play aginst LSU at home.
The hogs don’t value the ball! When the league is this balanced you better play defense take good shots and make your free throws. All of these things we are hot and cold with.
Last night Vanderbilt fouled Kentucky with 2 seconds left in the game up 2 points and lost in overtime. Of course the refs made an impact before that point late in the game! Moo U beat Alabama.
If you want to be in the Dance you better show up ready to play defense and rebound. We no longer have a player like Derek Hood to rebound and probable won’t for a while. But these hogs don’t block anybody out go, they go for a rebound with one hand and don’t clear and check when they do get a rebound so they are suspect to the quick turnover trying to pass out quick.
We are just 2 games out of last place.
Moo U might make the Dance. They will make the NIT if not.
The hogs need to beat LSU and this slow down stuff they’ve been running is hard to watch.
We need the seniors to take the open shots they have been passing up in possessions that have ended with a missed shot or turnover!
Hall needs to stay aggressive and take his shots. The same for Macon, Bardford and Beard. Beard inside the Arc. Gafford needs to just get the ball and stroke it.
The hogs are projected as a 10 seed today.
There’s not much room before landing on the bubble.