This has been out there for awhile

but I still get a kick out of it. I’m a hard laugh, but this gets me pretty good.

LOng day at work and a late lunch…Thanks for that. Hysterical.

Mercy, that wasn’t CBB son was it??

True story: In a previous life I was a small-town newspaper sportswriter. At one of my first jobs, I was responsible for calling up junior high coaches after Thursday night games and getting details from them for a roundup we’d run in the Friday edition.

One Thursday, I called up a coach with whom I had a pretty good relationship to get some information. It wen’t something like this:

Me: Hey coach. How’d you do tonight?
Coach: Let me tell you, it’s pretty rough when you realize your livelihood depends on a bunch of 15-year-old morons.
Me: So, you lost?
Coach: (Expletive) …

I didn’t quote him, but I desperately wanted to.