This has an Auburn series look

Oh well. Lose the opener at home giving up 4 HR’s and having no offense…Our team is cooling off. Gonna be hard to score 8 runs in B9. OM will have plenty of pitchers tomorrow

I think Alberious? Took one for the team. OM pitcher was just plain nasty tonight.

Starting to look like last year where the pitching faltered down the stretch. Our hitters cannot do all the work. Plus Koch looks tired at the plate.

not hitting and pitchers giving up the long ball…

The Razorbacks have the look of a tired team. They came into this season all fired up and ready to prove that last season was a fluke. They have carried that burden heavily on their backs up to this point. I think the burden has weighted them down and they are just exhausted and dispirited after the Auburn series. I don’t what you do about it. I don’t think you can take a week off and go to Cancun. However, they now have the weekend off and maybe Van Horn can find a diversion until next weekend.

On the other hand, this is baseball. There’s a lot of baseball left and a lot of things to play for. Time to suck it up.

I’ve been told this since I first went to a baseball game, when the other team pitches well, you look flat and tired. You aren’t on base. You jog back to the dugout on outs. It just has a flat look. When you get hits, you have energy, because you are sprinting around the bases.

This team will NOT look tired or fatigued if it gets hits.

Good pitching shuts down good hitting. That’s what happened in the opener Thursday night.

James McArthur did not give the Hogs anything good to hit. There were NO fat pitches.

To be honest, I thought there were some pitches to hit in the Auburn series at times and the hitters didn’t connect. You get a pitch to hit, you better hit it on the button. You won’t get many.

In watching last night’s game, I saw only a few pitches to hit. Carson Shaddy got one and hit it on the button on a line straight to the right fielder. I thought Chad Spanberger got a couple and he did something with them, three opposite field smashes. Two were caught, one went off the wall for a double in the ninth off the reliever.

Sometimes you face a Friday night guy who out pitches you. McArthur threw strikes and did not make mistakes. He was at the knee, or below. If he was up, it was out of the strike zone and basically a waste pitch.

Ole Miss can really pitch. You better pitch right with them. For the most part, Blaine Knight did that. Trevor Stephan better do the same.

Ole Miss isn’t a big hitting team. They can hit home runs, but yesterday was a bit strange. For much of the game, there was no wind, a good night to launch mistakes. Arkansas just didn’t get any mistakes to launch. They may get a few more today and better do something with them.