This guy won't ever see the field at Arkansas

No way 5.05 will cut it in the SEC.

Greenwood 2016 LB Grant Morgan, who’s Hog signee Drew Morgan’s younger brother, had a 5.05 40, 27.7 vertical, 4.43 shuttle and a 36 power ball. He weighed in at 200 at 5-10.

Yep. A tree full of owls as DKR use to say. Of course, you will not hear them say how wrong they are. All of those measurements are important, but you better also measure that “heart.”


Grant Morgan, can’t play a lick. Heck he only got 19 tackles last game but he tries hard!

Well, if we had signed the LB’s Bama, LSU, or Georgia did, probably not.

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We’ve been over this a thousand times. Stars, more times than not, don’t matter if you’ve got the right 2-3 stars. It’s tough to get it right but in theory the right team of 2-3 stars can beat Bama most years.

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In Morgan’s case he had a standard to live up to with big brother already making a name here. Plus being an instate kid that always wanted to be a Hog.
As for Clark he just needed that chance anywhere to prove himself.
Then it was up to the coaches.

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