This guy REALLY likes our freshmen

Predicts SEC title, Final Four and just maybe a natty.

Wow. Not sure how he could be any higher on the team. We have to remember that if they sputter some early on to not get down. When they finally mesh, look out. Maui will be very interesting. Of course, I hope they win, but I will not be too concerned if they don’t that early. There will be some good teams there.

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Sure they are great, and Muss can really coach. But for those envisioning a Natty, with all of those 5 star one-and-dones over the years, Kentucky and Duke have just one National Championship each with them. It isn’t easy winning a National Championship. Talent helps a lot, and luck, but so does experience.

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Last word - “experience” especially on the big stage.

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A lot of very, very talented teams have fallen short of expectations. If there’s anyone who can get the max out of the talent, it’s Muss.

We should be playing a home and home series with Houston

Ridiculous not to play the Coogs in hoops

Muss and Yurachek need to make it happen