This guy ought to write a sequel

…although I doubt he’d walk anything he said back…what a thoroughly homer article…

I (among others) have suggested he write a follow up article about how poor Justin is faring down here in the netherland.

Todd Furman (sic) could co-author…

I have been in Fayetteville many times.

I have also smelled the stench while driving by a chicken farm (no where near Fayetteville).

I have never smelled the stench of a chicken farm while in Fayetteville. Is that really a problem in Fayetteville?

I went to school at the UA for 7 years & have spent countless days & nights in NWA in the years since. I have NEVER noticed the smell of a chicken farm although I suppose if the wind, etc was right & one was near enough to one, it’s smell could be discernable.

As for this idiot insightful predictions about Razorback basketball…well, it looks like Justin was right & this turd was wrong. How is Indiana & the Big 10 doing in the tournament, by the way?

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Not it is not
Or anywhere else in the cities along the corridor

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BTW Justin is in the Sweet 16, where is Archie Miller?

That’s just an awful article. Lived in Fayetteville 8 years. One must go well out of town to get near a chicken house, and I’ve never smelled one near the airport. Just drivel.

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Wow. He wasn’t satisfied with just disparaging Fayetteville, but also felt it necessary to disparage Justin at the end of his piece, or drivel, or whatever that trash was called.

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Yes that part made it 10x worse.

This guy is an idiot. Doesn’t know squat about poultry farms. I grew up on and around Turkey and chicken farms. Worked on both. There are no longer any open range poultry farms (Turkey) in AR for the last 20-30 years or longer. Tyson and other producers have very strict protocols on the farms/houses and where they can be located.
I have flown in and out of all 3 bigger airports in AR for the last 15 years and never once smelled chicken s… at any.
Poultry farmers don’t use cats in any fashion on these farms I’m aware of. For what? There main concern is keeping predators away - foxes, coyotes, possums, raccoons, etc. Cats aren’t the saviors for that.

Anybody can see Justin knew where he needed to go to expend his game. He accomplished that 10 fold. While helping a good team reach the Sweet 16 and possibly further. It has worked out very well for both parties.

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Proves that just because you can type doesn’t mean you can write.


Big “Tin” mouth… Indiana is coach-less and Smith is marching toward a Final Four. Something stinks but it’s not in Fayetteville.



What a hit piece! Wow. Personally, my family loves NWA, the UA and Walmart. Oh yes, we’re also very thankful CEM was able to bring JS aboard. IMHO, JS is the most improved Razorback on the team. In some respects could be considered the MVP on a team full of impact players. Perhaps CEM could bring some more IU players to the UA.


Armaan Franklin has entered his name in the portal. He’s a guard, but haven’t read enough to know if combo, point etc. I think he hits 3’s at about 42% clip.

I hate to tell this guy, but we (Tyson) have plenty of poultry farms and processing facilities in Indiana.


That’s the oddest thing about this terrible article. I can understand him being upset about a player leaving for a program he doesn’t view as an equal…even though it’s extremely unprofessional to whine and throw Justin under the bus while he’s doing it. But in ALL of my trips to NWA, I never recall smelling anything such as he describes - never.

I believe the entire tale is a fabrication of his upset widdle mind…poor thing.


What a crock! Like most of you I’ve been to Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas numerous times. Never smelled one chicken that wasn’t fried or grilled.

And if seeing strange things on a late night trip to WalMart makes you write off a city, you’ll be writing off half the cities in America.


As Wiz inferred, he likely made up the whole story about being in Fayetteville. I doubt he’s ever been to Arkansas or Fayetteville before.

Even Justin and his parents weren’t sure what to expect at Arkansas (with all the negative stereotypes about southerners I suppose)

It’s been almost 50years since I went to college in Fayetteville but I don’t remember smelly chicken poop being an issue

I worked at a uranium enrichment facility in Kentucky that was close to a paper mill. Never got use to that paper mill smell

You never get used to the smell of a paper mill.
Now there is chicken processing plant in Van Buren near I-540 that can produce a smell, mostly at night.