This guy likes us for the Sweet 16

One guy’s opinion, worth no more than yours or mine, but it is out there for the webiverse to see.

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Right now I’d take a Sweet 16 and be thrilled. Of course, that’d last about as long as the end of Sunday night when I’ll get nervous about playing TT or the team that beat them. (If we get matched up with TT I won’t want to read any of the ADG’s sports editor’s columns extolling Chris Beard, who used to be at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock but who is now facing the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Razorbacks. That latter designation to avoid confusing all the ADG’s on-line readers in Albania.)

There’s a million opinions and non will correctly pick all the winners of the first game. I am more concerned with Butler than Purdue and we have no chance beating Purdue if Butler wins.